Virtually Redecorate with me

Like many of you, I’m stuck at home for the foreseeable future. Instead of going into it again, or dwelling on what I can’t do with this time, I want to focus on the things I can do.

With Spring and warmer weather coming, I’ve been inspired to give my apartment a much needed face lift. It hit me the other day that I’ve been living here for 8 months and I’ve barely begun to decorate the way I’ve wanted it. Namely, my living room. Blank canvases are fun but also extremely overwhelming when you think of all the possibilities. I’ve had a lot of different ideas but I think, I think, I’ve finally settled on how I want to decorate my kitchen/living room nook. If you didn’t know, I live in your standard condo with a kitchenette and living room in one big room. Lately, its getting to me that there’s just no separation between the two. Seems like a silly problem to have with the times but I’m choosing to focus on what I have control over vs what I don’t. With all that being said, I wanted to virtually redecorate my space during this time.

The first thing I’m going to do is ask you not to look at all the dust on my floors. I promise you, I sweep and vacuum every single day but such is the hardwood floors life. Focusing on the decor, you can see I have a vision in mind. I’m inspired by pinks, greenery and accents of mustard and orange. Using I currently have, I think I’ve got a good thing going. The layout currently gives me that separation I’ve been desiring since I moved in. However, there’s a lot that I still want to change about the space. Hence, this blog post. Scroll down for my vision!

Pink Tiles (can’t find the actual link online, only photos. HELP!)
Ikea Shelves
Wall Inspiration
Circle Table

Alright, lets start here. I’ve been really unsure what I want to do with this big, blank white wall. Painting it, or even putting up wallpaper seemed a) too daunting and b) adding to the “one big room” issue. While scrolling through instagram, I came across Carla Natalia and her stunning home. I was immediately inspired by the way she painted her dining room, which seemed like a perfect idea and fit for my space. Someone once pointed out that using too many harsh corners (squares, rectangles) can harden up a space and since then I’ve been obsessed with the idea of bringing in softer edges. I’m still unsure what colour I’d use to paint but I think I’m leaning towards a muted mustard as well. Additionally, It would tie in perfectly with this absolutely stunning credenza I found on Society6. I couldn’t possibly justify $600+ USD for a piece of furniture right now but a girl can dream. However, I wouldn’t mind the extra storage space, since my apartment is quite lacking in that department, As you can see, I’d opt to trade out my table for round, smaller table which would allow me to bring in more furniture. Ideally, I’d love something bar height so I could use the table as an additional surface for prepping and cook meals. Another major pet peeve about my kitchen is the unfinished backdrop. I’d love to add in some tiles, which would be much easier to clean and obviously a lot more appealing to the eye. To tie it all together, I’d add some greenery, prints and decorative pieces throughout. Things I’m still undecided on; chairs, placement of mirror, paint colour and carpet.



I have big plans for this portion of my apartment. Recently, I’ve been very into reading and I’ve always dreamed of having that corner, yanno. That corner where I can just lay out and get cozy with my current read. If I had more space, I’d splurge on a larger, pink recliner but for now, I’ll just have to dream until I move to a larger place. Additionally, I’ve wanted to add a large rug, which evidently, should make my space look larger and more cohesive. I have so many little rugs space throughout and it kinda drives me bonkers at times. Again, very insignificant problems but we are what we are right now. In theory, I would absolutely love to add this beautiful white, textured rug but in practice, I really worry about the upkeep. Regardless, I love how simplistic yet textured it is. In more of an attempt to build up and utilize all the empty wall space I have, I’d add also add bookcase. I went with this mid-century modern bookcase from The Brick, which I fell in love with months ago but couldn’t think of where to put it. A bookcase is already such a big, clunky bit of furniture but having legs vs just a bulky base gives it more of an airy feel. It’ll also be much easier to clean when all that pesky dust collects. I think of all the spaces in my apartment, this happens to be the one I’m most excited about transforming.


I hope you all enjoyed this little virtual apartment facelift with me. If you liked it, please do let me know. I’d love to do it with more areas of my apartment and transform them with the power of photoshop and endless hours to scroll the internet.