Superhero chic: Vernon Kay works laid back weekend wear

These days you can’t head to the cinema or walk past a bus stop without coming across an advert for the next gritty superhero reboot. First it was Batman, now it’s Superman, and next summer Robocop is getting a modern makeover. Not that anyone’s complaining – whether you’re watching them on screen or mixing them into your look superheroes are downright cool, as dapper TV presenter Vernon Kay proves here. Vernon was spotted soaking up the last rays of summer in dark jeans and a t-shirt that featured a print of Marvel character Silver Surfer. He finished the look with a pair of aviator sunglasses and some blinding white trainers. This simple casual combo is one that every man should have at his disposable, whether it’s destined for the pub, a date night or just a weekend watching box sets. Get your guy looking chic even on a laid back day with these easy ways to get the look.

Get graphic
The most important part of this outfit is the striking superhero t-shirt, so grab an eye-catching graphic print like this Superfly printed t-shirt. This bold tee combines two pop culture icons for an edgy and modern take on the superhero tee. For those who aren’t so into their comics, take New York cool into your casuals with this fitted white tee, which features a stylish print of the Big Apple.

Go to the dark side of denim
A well-fitted pair of dark jeans can take a man from too casual to smart with one swift superhero-style change (although heading into a phone box to achieve this is probably not a great plan.) While baggy jeans can certainly look good, you risk taking this outfit into the realm of teenage comic book fan if the fit is too loose. These Ontario jeans come in a deep dark denim which works with shades from bright colours to neutral cream and white. They’re slouchy enough for a relaxed day look, but can also be dressed up for a smarter occasion with a shirt and sleek shoes.

Fuss-free footwear
Speaking of shoes you can’t get much more sleek and classic than a pair of Converse All Stars. Hi-tops have their place but a pair of white low tops like the ones Vernon’s sporting are a must if you want to keep this look relaxed and on trend. Not only is the canvas soft and comfy but it can be washed in a machine to keep these shoes looking fresh and clean. Check out this range of men’s trainers for more inspiration.

Eye spy
While you might think that only rock stars can pull off shades in autumn, a pair of classic aviator sunglasses are enough to get anyone feeling like a Top Gun extra.
The superhero t-shirt might be the highlight of the outfit, but the secret to Vernon’s cool casual look lies with close-fitted clothes, those pristine white trainers and the rich dark denim, all of which make for a laid back but thought-through weekend outfit. 

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