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    OoTD – The Hard Believer

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    It’s Saturday and the only plans I have are to hang out with my cat and clean. I started a new job on Monday so I’ve been exceptionally busy through the week (but I wouldn’t have it any other way). On Friday, I finally had a chance to snap a few shots of my outfit.

    I went a little snap-happy but I had been meaning to get out my red trench for a set since I started putting my outfits online. I found this gem about 2 years ago at Wal-mart for $14 and it’s been true love ever since. Even though the colour is a bit faded now, I gave it a really thorough wash and it looks brand new all over again. 
    One thing I try to pull off with each outfit is to include a statement piece. I kept my entire outfit very neutral and simple. Alone, it would look rather plain but adding the red trench created that pop of colour and unique feel I was looking for. Another fun way of creating the same statement is a coloured lip. I’m looking forward to doing that a lot this season. Coloured blazers, lipstick and shirts are a great addition to an otherwise boring wardrobe. 
    Shirt – Forever21
    Trench – Walmart
    Skirt – Urban Behaviour 
    Leggings – Fashion Max
    Boots – Walmart

    OoTD – The Studded Skirt

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    In spite of the weather we’ve been having, I’m still adamant on my desire to wear skirts. I can’t believe it took me so long to embrace the idea of skirts, especially on me.

    I picked up this studded, pale green tube skirt about two weeks ago. It was the last XL in the store and I nabbed it the second I saw it. Now, I used to be wary of putting such light colours on my bottom half.  Big girls are supposed to camouflage their bellies, right? I couldn’t disagree more. After years of trying to hide that part of me, I decided to start embracing it. I’m now a huge advocate for fatties showing off their bellies.
    I kept the skirt the main focal point. Even though I’ve been integrating more colour into my wardrobe, I’m still an avid fan of black clothing.
    Once again, I kept the accessories to a minimum. Not shown on the detail shot of the envelope necklace is printing of “Je T’aime” on the letter. Also not shown are my very basic gold stud earrings.
    Cardigan: Winners 
    Shirt: Unknown (I really can’t remember where I got it from!)
    Skirt: Urban Behaviour
    Tights: Winners
    Boots: Wal-mart
    Necklace: Asos
    October 20, 2010

    OoTD – The Librarian

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    I had a job interview today, so I decided to pop a few shots in before I headed out. The weather outside was far too windy, so I was forced to take mirror shots. 

    My friends call this my “librarian look” so it seemed fitting to for an interiview. I wanted to remain professional looking, as well as keep a bit of my personal style with this ensemble. I kept everything very simple and opted to dress it up with my favourite new pair of heels. They were such a great find!
    Again, I kept everything to a bare minimum. I absolutely adore the high-waisted skirt I purchased from Asos Curve. It’s a great fit, though a little bit delicate (I managed to rip one skirt along the seam – thankfully, I accidentally ordered two) but perfect for just about anything. 
    Shirt – Urban Behaviour
    Skirt – Asos Curve (No Longer Available)
    Shoes – Payless Shoe Store
    Earrings – Aldo Accesories
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