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    Monday, Monday

    This weekend was a bit of a whirlwind for me, to say the least. I did a lot of soul searching, asked my some pretty serious questions and came up with a pretty serious response. I’m not happy about where my life is right now. I’ve neglected a lot of the things I love and care about and put a lot of my hobbies on the back burner. This blog used to be everything to me ┬áComparison and insecurities came into the mix and before I knew it, I had abandoned something I loved almost entirely. So, today was all about getting out of my comfort zone and into a routine again.

    I’m not convinced I can pull of the half pony but kudos to me for trying, right? Its still kind of strange to just have my face out there, without hair to cover it. I’ve always been a tad bit insecure about the roundness of my face and my nose in general. I caved and took my hair down (hence the two different looks in these photos) but now that I look back, I’m kind of digging my hair half up. Which one do you prefer? Half up and completely down?


    Top – Modcloth
    Cardigan – Wal Mart
    Skirt – Old Navy
    Pantyhose – Wal Mart
    Earrings – Shop Miss A
    Shoes – Clothing Swap
    November 17, 2015
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