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    In with the old

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    I’ve got good news!! I finally made a big girl purchase and bought myself photoshop which means I can now start editing photos again. You know what that means? More outfit posts! I have so many backdated pictures I’m dying to share and now I can finally do that. So, expect more here and with any luck, I’ll be making new posts every Tuesday!

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    When someone asks you to go to a Rihanna concert, you don’t hesitate. That’s precisely what I did when my friend Jackie told me that Rihanna’s concert would be corresponding with my trip to Boston. In usual fashion, I painstakingly spend the weeks leading up planning my ensemble. Fortunately for me, I had already placed my order for this lace up dress long before I said yes to the concert. If Rihanna could see me, I think she’d approve of my outfit wholeheartedly.
    Now, lets talk about the actual concert. I wanna start by saying that Rihanna was incredible. There’s absolutely no denying that. She knows how to entertain and her energy filled the entire stadium, which isn’t an easy task. But damn, was the concert a huge bummer. From the second Jackie and I grabbed our seats, it was drama packed. Maybe I’m just too old and senile to really fit in with the young folk these days.

    All things considered, the night wasn’t a complete bust. The second Rihanna came out (she opened with Stay and looked phenomenal!) I forget about everything. I’m an even bigger Rihanna fan now!

    Dress: Boohoo
    Leather jacket: Forever21
    Pins: Etsy
    Ring: Old Navy
    Bag: Ebay
    Pantyhose: Walmart
    Booties: Modcloth
    Lipstick: Avenue by Colourpop

    Happy Valentine’s!

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    The 14th has come and gone but its always Valentine’s day in my heart! I’m truly a sucker for romance, chocolate and Valentine’s decor so I really, really get into it this time of year. Here’s one of the many inspired outfits I threw together. I meant to take more but unfortunately the layout of my room doesn’t quite afford me much room to take photos without a massive struggle. With all that being sad, I hope you all had a great Valentine’s day, no matter what you did. I always felt like this holiday was about the love being a romantic couple but I’ve come to appreciate it as a day to celebrate the love you have for anyone in your life. Sometimes thats even paying tribute and kindness to yourself!
    Top – Old Navy
    Skirt – Forever 21+
    Shoes: Thrifted
    Earrings – I can’t remember 🙁
    Belt: Etsy
    February 16, 2016

    Sealed with a Kiss

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    What’s a girl to do when you’ve been cooped up for too long? Why, dress up, of course! I’m not easily motivated these days. At the very most, I’ll put on mascara and head out for my daily walk. There’s just nothing to dress up for when you’re going to Tim Hortons to read a book.

    I’m trying to stay on task these days and one of my very many Dos on my “To-Do’s” list is outfit photos. I’ve also been challenging myself to grab pieces I haven’t worn in awhile/haven’t ever worn. Not as easy as it might look! There’s a very good reason they’ve stayed in my closet so long. Even after five years of blogging, I’m still completely clueless about what to wear sometimes. It can happen to the very best of us!

    Would you believe that I just threw this whole outfit together? Because I totally did! The unseasonably warm weather has given me a bit more playroom with my outfit choices but honestly, I’m willing to endure the cold for a good outfit. Unfortunately, all of these pieces were purchased last season or even further back than that so I can’t give you any links!

    Top – ModCloth
    Skirt – Target
    Pantyhose – Walmart
    Shoes – Garage sale
    Purse – Forever21
    Earrings – Old Navy
    December 16, 2015

    Ice Scream, You Scream

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    I’m obsessed with this top, I’m obsessed with this print and I’m even more obsessed with Rue 107. Honestly, if I wasn’t pinching every penny I have I’d probably have worn Rue 107 the entire summer. I know this is totally out of season now, but I really did have every intention of making this post a month ago! Also, I promise Rue 107 has literally no idea I’m making this post, I’m just sharing some massive love for one of my fav plus size shops right now.
    Top – Rue 107
    Shorts – ASOS
    Socks – Forever21
    Shoes – Gift from a friend


    October 15, 2015
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