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    OoTD – The Rainy Day

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    Yesterday was just one of those days. The weather was dark and gloomy, as well as my mood. I had some errands to run so I threw on a casual but colourful ensemble (that kind of resembles the Portuguese flag, according to my mom).

    Shirt – Old Navy
    Skirt – Forever 21
    Tights – Fashion Max
    Coat – Laura Plus
    Boots – Walmart
    Earrings – Stitches
    Ring – Aldo

    OoTD – The Diamond Day

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    I turned this OoTD into a mini-photoshoot with a close friend (and aspiring makeup artist). The weather was beautiful and there were plenty of amazing colours outside to play off of. I had an incredibly fun time with this shoot as I’m sure you can see from some of the photos.
    My eyes can hardly stay open right now but I didn’t want to wait another day to premiere these photos. Aside from the bad hair day, I thoroughly enjoyed how the shoot turned out and I hope everyone else does too!
    Cardigan: Dynamite
    Shirt: Winners
    Skirt: Unknown
    Belt: Forever21
    Tights: Fashion Max
    Bracelt: Unknown
    Shoes: Payless Shoe Store
    You can find the rest of the photos over at my Flickr. Please take a moment to check them out and comment. It’d be much appreciated! <3

    OoTD – The Hard Believer

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    It’s Saturday and the only plans I have are to hang out with my cat and clean. I started a new job on Monday so I’ve been exceptionally busy through the week (but I wouldn’t have it any other way). On Friday, I finally had a chance to snap a few shots of my outfit.

    I went a little snap-happy but I had been meaning to get out my red trench for a set since I started putting my outfits online. I found this gem about 2 years ago at Wal-mart for $14 and it’s been true love ever since. Even though the colour is a bit faded now, I gave it a really thorough wash and it looks brand new all over again. 
    One thing I try to pull off with each outfit is to include a statement piece. I kept my entire outfit very neutral and simple. Alone, it would look rather plain but adding the red trench created that pop of colour and unique feel I was looking for. Another fun way of creating the same statement is a coloured lip. I’m looking forward to doing that a lot this season. Coloured blazers, lipstick and shirts are a great addition to an otherwise boring wardrobe. 
    Shirt – Forever21
    Trench – Walmart
    Skirt – Urban Behaviour 
    Leggings – Fashion Max
    Boots – Walmart

    OoTD – The Basics

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    I wasn’t intending to really do much with my day, except lay in bed and browse through to create outfits. Unexpectedly, plans arose so I had a reason to get myself all dolled up.

    No real intention with this outfit. In fact, I didn’t really even know what the plans were when I threw it on. I figured it’d be appropriate for most situations I would end up in. However, blazers don’t allow for much movement when it comes to bowling. Next time I’ll opt for a cardigan.
    Unfortunately, my camera battery died on me before I could take any photos of the details. I wore the Asos Multi Metal Rings short necklace and paired it with gold rose earrings I picked up from Aldo Accessories. I wanted to keep my outfit as minimal and simple as possible.
    Blazer – Thrifted (Value Village)
    Dress – Walmart (Again, its always worth checking out!)
    Leggings – Fashion Max
    Boots – Walmart
    Earrings – Aldo Accesories

    October 15, 2010

    OoTD – The Sweetheart

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    Since I didn’t really have an outfit of the day (aside from my regular job interview getup) , I’ll post my outfit from yesterday.
    I had a coffee date with an old friend but I had a meeting to attend to beforehand. I wanted to wear something casual and comfortable. My friend cleared out her old fat clothes and gave me a few adorable dresses and one of them was this adorable, white lace dress. I paired it with a black belt and black leggings (I’m too tall to really pull it off as a dress, unfortunately) and threw on some boots. I’m usually a fiend for cardigans but the sleeve length hits perfectly on my arm, so I felt comfortable wearing it freely. Finally, I threw on my favourite new fall jacket (which I’ve been getting quite a lot of compliments on!) and voila! Unfortunately, I didn’t really have the time to take many photos showing details (nor did I get a shot of the boots I was wearing) but I’ll make a mental note to do that next time I wear the lace dress.
    Ignore the toilet. I was in a hurry!
    Dress: H&M (old collection)
    Jacket: Asos Curve (old collection)
    Belt: Stitches
    Leggings: Fashion Max
    Boots: Walmart (Hey, they have some decent stuff, too!)

    October 15, 2010
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