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    Happy Valentine’s!

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    The 14th has come and gone but its always Valentine’s day in my heart! I’m truly a sucker for romance, chocolate and Valentine’s decor so I really, really get into it this time of year. Here’s one of the many inspired outfits I threw together. I meant to take more but unfortunately the layout of my room doesn’t quite afford me much room to take photos without a massive struggle. With all that being sad, I hope you all had a great Valentine’s day, no matter what you did. I always felt like this holiday was about the love being a romantic couple but I’ve come to appreciate it as a day to celebrate the love you have for anyone in your life. Sometimes thats even paying tribute and kindness to yourself!
    Top – Old Navy
    Skirt – Forever 21+
    Shoes: Thrifted
    Earrings – I can’t remember ­čÖü
    Belt: Etsy
    February 16, 2016


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    Our winter has been incredibly strange this year. We’re having unusually warm weather and cloudy, rainy days. Its really bothering me much more than usual. It doesn’t┬áfeel┬álike the holidays, does it? Today is Christmas eve and my brain keeps thinking I’ve got at least another month until the big day. Can’t a girl just get a little snow? I guess I can’t complain too much. Its a bit nice to have weather that allows me to get around on foot with ease and to continue wearing lighter clothing. I’m a sucker for bundles but not having to completely limit myself to my winter boots has been nice.

    Now, I guess I should mention my outfit seeing as this is a fashion blog, after all. I’m swooning hard over this lilac sweater but I cannot believe I found it at Joe Fresh. I used to work at Joe Fresh as a young 20 year old. I always loved and envied their clothing line but I couldn’t ever fit into a darn thing. I was much, much smaller than I am now, too.. but I guess they’ve made a huge change to their sizing because I fit with room to spare. If you’re Canadian plus size person and you want some inexpensive, cute clothing I really, really suggest giving Joe Fresh a chance. I bought this adorable lilac sweater for only $12! I really wish I splurged and bought more but now I’m holding out for post-Xmas sales. There’s nothing like a little retail therapy to get your through this winter blues!

    In one of my attempts to feel better, I bought “A tale for the time being” by Ruth Ozeki. I’ll admit, I half expected myself to just let it collect dust in my collection of other unread books but I’m hooked. I’ve only got about 70 pages left and I’m conflicted about it coming to an end. I like this routine an awful lot and I’m not quite ready to let go of the story. What are some of your favourite novels? Do you have any suggestions for my next book? I want to make 2016 the year of reading!

    With all that being said, I hope you have a very merry holiday season. I know this time of year can be terribly difficult for a lot of people so treat yourself if you can. Find your comfortable place and stay there until its over if need be! No matter what you’re doing, I hope you’re happy and I hope you’re well.

    Sweater- Joe Fresh
    Pants – ASOS Curve
    Booties – Modcloth
    Earrings – Old Navy
    Pin – Etsy
    December 24, 2015

    Body Confidence Canada Awards 2015

    Its been a pretty long time since I’ve attended any sort of body positive/blogger event. Traveling as often as I do, I’m not really around for the events that I’m invited to. It worked out that I was around for the 3rd Annual Body Confidence Canada Awards. The BCCAs is an annual event dedicated to honouring those who actively fight against stereotypes, judgements, policies, and discrimination that attempt to discredit marginalized bodies. I was incredibly honoured to be on the guest list.
    As I’ve previously mentioned, I have social anxiety. It feels like its gotten worse in the last year or so and its been a massive thorn in my side. I’ve had my fair share of days where I’ve just cried about my anxiety getting stronger and more overwhelming. Being a blogger means having to attend events that really challenge my ability to overcome my anxiety. The day I received the email, I couldn’t have been more happy. I felt honoured to be invited and even more excited that I’d actually be able to attend. The day of was a different story. I started to doubt myself, doubt my presence at the event and doubt the reasons I should go. I kept telling myself it had been too long, I’d be out of place and everyone would wonder why I was there. I came damn close to getting back into myself pjs and sulking in front of my laptop for the night. But somehow, with much encouragement from my boyfriend and friends, I pulled myself together and made my way to the event.

    I had an wild and incredible night. I ran into so many old friends, some I hadn’t seen in 2 or 3 years. We talked, hugged and caught up. That night was so much more than the BCCAs for my, although the affair was incredibly fitting. It was an opportunity to remind myself that I do have a place in the blogging and body positive community. It was a chance for people I cared about to tell me how much they missed me, missed my presence online and in person. It was a chance for me to challenge and push myself. To those who don’t suffer from crippling anxiety on a daily basis, this all might seem strange to you. But for those of us who do, you’ll understand exactly why this night was so special to me.

    Dress – Igigi
    Necklace – Etsy
    Shoes – Thrifted
    Jacket – Old Navy
    October 18, 2015

    Somewhere beyond the sea

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    I’ve grown to really love weddings and thoroughly look forward to attending them. Maybe its because it gives me a chance to get dolled up or maybe its because I’m a big, gushy, crybaby? Who knows! Gil’s co-worker had an oceanside wedding and it was just the prettiest (but hottest) wedding I’ve ever been to. I’m still not sure if I like this dress but needless to say, I made it work for the occasion. These shoes killed my feet but they were so worth it. Now, if only I could sit by the ocean everyday. Oh, what a dream that would be!
    Dress – eShakti
    Shoes – Zulily┬á
    Earrings – Etsy (I can’t remember the seller, sorry!)
    Ring – Old Navy
    September 7, 2015

    OoTD – The Nurse

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    I recently became pen-pals with fellow fashion blogger Yammering Muse. In her first package to me, she included three dresses and I was ecstatic to wear them. I have always loved her style and her keen eye for cute, unique articles of clothing. Included in her package was this light blue, button-up dress. At first glance, I felt as thought it resembled a nurse’s uniform so I was a bit concerned about whether or not I could pull it off. I’m not used to dresses with such a straight cut, so I wanted to make sure I added a belt in order to keep my shape. 
    I felt this dress could go either way. I could stick to my usual pin-up inspired accessories and add red lipstick and heals or I could try pulling off cute for once. I remembered that I purchased a really adorable necklace from Penelope’s Porch on etsy a few months ago and that I hadn’t ever worn in and decided to throw it in the mix. Originally, I had a brown belt but felt it didn’t work with the black undershirt, so I switched it up with the one pictured.
    I felt very comfortable in this outfit, the material of the dress was quite easy to move in. However, it felt a bit strange to be wearing something so different from my ‘regular’ style. I think maybe next time, I’ll try and turn this around into something a bit more sexy and see how that goes. I may just go ahead and cut off the sleeves and alter it a bit. I could see this turning into a great summer and/or beach dress.
    Dress – Gift from Yammering Muse
    Belt – Fats Community
    Undershirt – Winners
    Shoes – Payless Shoe Store
    Necklace – Penelope’s Porch
    Trenchcoat – Walmart
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