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    (Swim)Suit Up with Simply Be

    Even though we’re still dealing with blow after blow of snow storms here in Boston, I can’t help but daydream about swim season. Personally, I’ve had more than enough snow for a lifetime and I’m ready to slip into a bikini in hot weather. Who else has swimwear on the brain?

    Simply Be, which happens to be a personal favourite, just relaunched their US website. For the first time ever, Simply Be is now creating exclusive collections for their US customers. Some of those lines include athleisure, festival and more.¬† I don’t know about you, but I’m wildly excited about this news! Simply Be has dominated the UK market for years now and I’m incredibly happy to see them focus on their US customers!

    Simply Be was founded in 1999 and caters to an audience of women in sizes US 6-32. I love showcasing stores that have such a wide size range, but sometimes its tough to find ones that align with my style and my values. I’m happy to say Simply Be covers all of those bases!

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    March 17, 2018

    Moon Prism Power

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    Something short and sweet today, my dears, because I’m fighting the flu or something over. I wanted to quickly mention that Torrid kindly sent me some pieces from the Sailor Moon collection. So many of us, myself included, went a little crazy over the collection because its damn near sold out online. They sent me the kimono (shown above), dress and the must sought after jacket. All pieces, by the way, incredible and even better in person.

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    January 23, 2018

    Basic Invite

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    First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I can’t believe its already 2018, I’m definitely going to have to get used to writing that. Even though the holidays have officially wrapped up for the season, I’m still on a high from all the celebrations. My personal favourite, Valentine’s Day, is just around the corner, too! Facebook invites have sort of taken over but lately, I’ve been feeling the urge to start sending real invites again. That’s where Basic Invite comes in, which is one of the many online invitation companies.¬†Personally, I have very little experience with ordering custom invitations online but I was really intrigued by Basic Invite. With unlimited colours, over 40 different envelope colours and 250+ holiday designs, you really don’t need to go anywhere else.

    Before I go forward, I want to thank Basic Invite for sponsoring this post. I was genuinely ecstatic to work with a stationary brand. If you don’t know already know, stationary is my true passion in life. I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to stationary though, so I can be quite picky. So, I went in with my typical high expectations and let me tell you, they were surpassed.

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    January 2, 2018

    Plus Size Friendly Boots

    Yesterday, we had our first official snowfall and I’m elated. I love this time of year, or at least until December 25th, that is. The first snow is always so magical and I genuinely look forward to it every year. However, I don’t always look forward to the necessary change in footwear. To be entirely honest, I dread my lack of my options when it comes to plus size friendly boots. Much like winter coats, boots have started to catch up with fashion trends and needs. They aren’t those drab, ugly (but lets face it, warm) boots from your childhood anymore. They’re actually stylish and wearable! So, I figured I’d round up some of the pairs I’ve been lusting after. Prepare yourself, because I promise you, these boots ARE made for walking (I had to)!


    Brown Knee High Boots / Sweater Knit Boots / Genuine Suede Knee High Boot

    Torrid: Could I really make a list of plus size friendly boots without mentioning Torrid? They’re usual my go-to plus size friendly boots. I just know I’m going to walk (hehe) away with a pair of boots that look great, but also stand the test of time In fact, most of my Torrid boots have lasted numerous winters! Above is just a very, very small look at the ginormous collection Torrid has to offer. Ps, there’s a sale on boots right now, too! You don’t want to miss out on this, you guys!

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    December 12, 2017

    Timeless | Michael Hill Canada

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    michael hill canada


    michael hill canada

    michael hill canada

    Lately, I’ve really been into accessorizing with watches. I like to keep it minimal when it comes to accessories and finishing off an outfit with a simple watch does the trick. Watches are so overlooked, in my opinion. However, since discovering how timeless they are, I’ve been obsessed. Finding the right watch, however, is a lot harder than it looks. I want something modern, classic but at the same time, aesthetically me. That’s where this stunning, simplistic Michael Hill watch comes into play. Recently, Michael Hill Canada reached out and I couldn’t have jumped on the opportunity faster. If you’re unfamiliar with their store, Michael Hill Canada carries stunning, elegant jewelry for all occasions. Michael Hill Canada also offers an extensive collection of some of the most beautiful watches I’ve ever seen. As you probably guessed, my watch-loving heart can barely take how lovely they are.
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    November 27, 2017

    Worst Witch

    With just over a week away until Halloween, I’m letting my festive spirit take over. I find myself wanting to put a spooky spin on just about every outfit I wear. Thankfully, I received this gorgeous Renaissance dress from Dare to Wear just in time for the holiday.

    Before, I do my usual outfit breakdown, I wanted to talk to you about Dare to Wear. As I mentioned above, I was recently approached to collaborate with this romantic, Vicotorian-inspired clothing company.¬† So rarely do we see this sort of fashion available for plus size bodies like mine, so it was a real treat to have them pop up in my inbox. If you haven’t already checked out the website by now, its worth mentioning that they go up to a 5x! Amazing, right? Now follow the cut for my review on this darling little dress.

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    October 24, 2017
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