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    10 Things I Learned About Love & Relationships

    This past weekend, I celebrated 5 years with my boyfriend. Previous to him, my longest relationship was 6 whole months. Back then, I thought that was pretty long and I always prided myself on knowing a lot about relationships. I felt I knew the jist of what it meant to be a good girlfriend, supportive partner and all around maintaining a healthy relationship. Boy, was I wrong! In the past 5ive years, I’ve learned a whole lot about what it means to be in a relationship. I’ve learned the difference between settling and compromising, and so much more. Since five years is such a huge milestone for me, I thought I’d touch base on the things I’ve learned. If you’d like to know what I have learned out of being in a long term/long distance relationship, continue reading!

    PS, I know a lot of the photos are quite old but Gil and I only take crappy phone selfies together now and I figured I’d share some of the really nice ones.

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    March 6, 2018
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