About Sarah Anne

I’m Sarah Anne, a 30 year old from Toronto, Canada. My story starts off like many, many others in this community. I grew up an extremely insecure girl and that continued to be a major aspect of my life until about the age of 23. That whole year changed my entire worldview and introduced me to the incredible world of fat activism and fatshion. Discovering fat activism taught me how to breakdown what I was feeling about my body and address my insecurities. It has allowed me to grow in a confident woman and I couldn’t be more grateful. In 2014, I became a certified life coach and it opened up a whole new world to me. It’s my dream to combine the two in an effort to bring body positivity to whatever I may do.

I do not define my sense of style as flattering, in fact I’d go on the record to say the exact opposite. If this blog could serve as anything, I would hope it pushed viewers to step outside of their comfort zone and into clothes they love. Personal style has no limitations, its entirely dependant on you!

About the blog
Tonsa Blush aka Big Hips Red Lips was created in October 2010 after a much needed revamp in my life. I went through many name changes and blog ideas before I finally worked up the courage and motivation to start putting myself online. Since opening, my blog has become a way to express not only what interests me in fashion but a way to reach out to those suffer from low self-esteem.
On average, Tonsa Blush centres most of its content around plus size fashion. However, I love posting about body positivity and more recently, lifestyle content.

November 18, 2015