Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas!

Raise your hand if you’re a last minute gift shopper like I am! I still have a couple of presents left to buy, but it feels like barely any time at all to do it! Thats why I took to instagram to ask what you guys are buying as good, quick last minute gifts for the loved ones in your life. I’m going to do my hardest to make sure everything I list has quick, guaranteed by Christmas day delivery, or you can easily pick it up in store without a problem. Without further ado, let’s get into some easy last minute Christmas gift ideas!

Gift Cards

Let’s be real, a gift card can save you plenty of time and wasted agony on finding the perfect gift for that one difficult person in your life. I know I have a few, and I’ve been trying to find the perfect way to make their Christmas morning special. Gift cards not only give that vagueness that sometimes hit the jackpot with your difficult friend, but they also give them the extra added fun of being able to enjoy a shopping spree courtesy of you! For the fashion loves in your life, a e-gift card to ASOS, or Torrid works wonders. You even have the option to have them open a gift by email or in a card at stores like Old Navy or Addition Elle. For something a little more inclusive, why not try Target, Amazon, Wal Mart, or even a Vanilla gift card! Whatever you pick, the person on the other end will smile from ear to ear when they realize a shopping spree is just around the corner!


Socks and Winter Accessories

Hear me out, because if I knew I was going to actively ask for socks of winter accessories as a gift when I was a teenager, I would have been so mad at 30 year old me. The gift of warmth, coziness and comfort is absolutely priceless. I dream about opening up presents with cozy socks on Christmas day. The chunkier and fluffier, the better. I want nothing more than an endless pile of socks for Christmas and I cannot get enough. On an even more serious note, I recently witnessed a homeless man walking down the streets on a snowy, freezing cold day without socks on and it broke my heart. We take socks, and the ability to keep ourselves warm for granted sometimes. So, give the gift of something as priceless as warmth, coziness and comfort to the ones you love the most. There are plenty of places to pick up this inexpensive gift, but some of my favourite socks are from Target, Chapters Indigo, Torrid, and Walmart.


Something they’ll never forget

Things can often be forgotten, or better yet, you can grow out of that cheetah print pair of boots you so desperately wanted Christmas 2018. What you can’t grow out of, however, is a really special memory. I will always remember going to see The Nutcracker with my boyfriend as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago. I cannot tell you what he got me that year, even though I know I loved it all. I do know that getting to have that extremely special moment will last a lifetime. You know your person best, but if you’re struggling to come up with special experiences for them, here are a few I think could work. Treat your person to a dinner at their favourite restaurant. Buy tickets to a paint night, or pottery class for the two of you to do together. Cook them Christmas dinner, or surprise them with pancakes on Christmas morning. Take them to a special exhibit in your neighbourhood (Ie; live showing of a Christmas Carol, Christmas Market, etc). Get them tickets to that movie or concert they’ve been dying to see. Surprise them with that hair appointment they’ve been wanting to make for themselves. Better yet, give them a gift of a massage. Whatever the experience you give them, I promise it’ll be unforgettable. I definitely know mine were!


Candles and Essential Oils

Give me a good smelling candle and I will be as content as they come. I go above and beyond to covet all of my favourite holiday scents but it seems like I burn my candles down faster than I can replenish my stock. I sure as heck know that if I opened my present on Christmas day and it was one of my favourite candles, I’d be happy as hell! Of course, some of my absolute favourite candles come from Bath & Body Works. As an alternative, I’ve really been loving Woodwick Candles, which sound like a crackling fire place when you light them. They’re also soy based, which is healthier to inhale as well! Grand Candles and Patriot Soy Candles are also of the soy candle blend. Essential oils are a great option as well, and often come pretty inexpensive. You can even give the gift of an oil diffuser if your gift receiver doesn’t currently have one. Right now, there are so many adorable oil diffuser on the market that can add something extra to your home decor as well.


Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate

Nothing makes me happier than a hot cup of tea or coffee in the morning. I know a few coffee and tea lovers as well. So why not give them the gift of what they love and will likely get the most use out of? A couple of years ago, I bought my boyfriend a coffee bean grinder, and added in a bag of whole beans to with it. He still uses it to this day and I’ve seen the joy it brings him. And if I know anything about coffee lovers, they take the art of coffee very seriously. Starbucks sells a large variety of whole bean and ground coffee beans which you can buy in store. I’m also quite partial to Trader Joe’s flavoured coffee, which uses real ingredients. If your giftee doesn’t like coffee, not a problem! Tea is an art form as well, and finding that luxury brand can be a priceless gift. One of my absolutely favourites, and newest obsessions is Harney & Sons tea. May I suggest their hot cinnamon blend (paired best with oat milk and a little bit of honey) or their holiday set? You will regret it, I promise!


Holiday Sets

No, I’m not talking about those cheap holiday sets from Walmart with hand creams and bath bombs nobody will ever touch. Holiday sets have come a long way since those days, and often come at a much more affordable price. Now that we’re just a week away from Christmas, they’re popping up and flying off the shelves everywhere but don’t worry, they’re still available. For the makeup lovers in your life, check out Sephora or Ulta for their discounted holiday sets. Nowadays, you can find high end hair care gift sets as well, which I would personally love to open on Christmas day. If there’s a man in your life who loves to spend his summers by the grill, why not surprise him with a grilling gift set? Whatever your special someone likes, there is most certainly a gift set out their for them!


There are probably a lot more gift ideas I could narrow down, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you with options. If you have some last minute Christmas gift ideas you’d like to share, please feel free to do so in the comments. Until then, have a merry Christmas and happy shopping!

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