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I’m back (sort of)!!! I’ve been fighting off the flu so its been kinda hard to do any work, to say the least. Thankfully, I still had these photos laying around on my memory card and I figured I’d take this opportunity to post them.

You guys have asked me for my more casual looks, and for my own sanity, I’m going to start obliging. I’m not always overdone, perfectly executed Sarah Anne and the pressure to do so has really been depleting me of my energy and drive. Thus, I have decided 2018 will consist of a more realistic approach to fashion. What are your thoughts? (more photos & outfit details after the jump)

You’ll find me mostly in leggings these days as the weather dips below 0c again and the snow covers everything. Also, big chunky sweaters have been my life saver. On a less cold day, I’d wear this sweater as more of a dress because, guess what, life is about risks!

I call this my “business bitch” look; professional and powerful. Heels give me an extra kick in my step and demand attention when you walk into a room. The faux fur scarf is luxurious as hell, but also comfortable and warm. Last night not least, there’s something about having my hair pulled back that completes the look for me. If I wasn’t trying to keep this blog PG, I’d just name it my “business bitch” look all together.

Sweater: Yours Clothing
Scarf: Amazon
Leggings: Yours Clothing
Boots: A’GACIĀ 
Purse: TorridĀ 
Coat: Marks (sold out)
Choker: Can’t remember
Earrings: Old Navy (sold out)

January 30, 2018
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