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November 2017

    So Long, November

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    December is just around the corner, can you feel the excitement? I’m getting through all of my plus size non-holiday related content before the first tomorrow. Don’t let that fool you, I’m still pretty excited and happy to share this perfect pastel fall/winter look. I’ve had it planned since last year, actually, but the photos I had taken just didn’t turn out the way I had hoped.

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    November 30, 2017

    Timeless | Michael Hill Canada

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    michael hill canada


    michael hill canada

    michael hill canada

    Lately, I’ve really been into accessorizing with watches. I like to keep it minimal when it comes to accessories and finishing off an outfit with a simple watch does the trick. Watches are so overlooked, in my opinion. However, since discovering how timeless they are, I’ve been obsessed. Finding the right watch, however, is a lot harder than it looks. I want something modern, classic but at the same time, aesthetically me. That’s where this stunning, simplistic Michael Hill watch comes into play. Recently, Michael Hill Canada reached out and I couldn’t have jumped on the opportunity faster. If you’re unfamiliar with their store, Michael Hill Canada carries stunning, elegant jewelry for all occasions. Michael Hill Canada also offers an extensive collection of some of the most beautiful watches I’ve ever seen. As you probably guessed, my watch-loving heart can barely take how lovely they are.
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    November 27, 2017

    Black Friday Deals

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    November 24, 2017

    7 Practical & Fashion Plus Size Coats

    Keeping warm in the winter used to look a little bit like this for me; an ugly, but practical oversized jacket that almost always ruined whatever outfit I had underneath. I couldn’t wait to take it off whenever I got to my location. Even then, I’d have this big, honking thing on my arm all night and I just loathed it. For a very long time, I would dread the colder months because of the plus size winter coats alone. Nothing ever looked the way I wanted, both on and off my body. Thankfully though, plus size coats have come a long way since my youth (or even 5 years ago). A lot more clothing companies are putting their best foot forward and making plus size coats we can both practically wear in the cold and feel fashionable in. Now, I find myself lusting over plus size coats more than ever before. Below, you’ll find 7 different practical and fashion plus size coats I’m lusting over. Just for the fun of it, I’ve styled each coat with other outerwear (ie: gloves, scarf, hat) as well!

    Coat / Gloves / Scarf

    I’ve been eyeing this plus size coat for a really, really long time now and even though its sold out in my size, I can still fantasize about how I’d wear it. Doesn’t it just look so precious BUT also warm and cozy? Pairing it with this faux fur pink scarf and brown gloves sounds like a dream!


    Coat / Gloves / Earmuffs

    I can personally attest to how incredible this plus size coat is because your girl owns this beauty! The faux fur is so cozy, but its also the warmest and most comfortable coat I currently own. Protip: size up in this plus size coat because I found it runs a little bit small.


    Jacket / Scarf / Gloves

    I’m such a fan of this jacket because it looks like your basic moto jacket but its also practical as hell. If you take a look at the website, you’ll quickly notice that it looks like a quilted blanket up close. I love that its multi-tone black as well, because that makes it easier to style black on it. I love the idea of wearing a huge, colourful scarf with this and since its black, there’s so many options!

    Trench Coat / Gloves / Scarf

    I couldn’t go without mentioning this Lark & Ro trench coat because it truly has changed my life. Again, I do own this plus size coat so I can personally tell you how incredible it is. Whether you get black or beige, classic black gloves and a scarf will be the best accessory. Protip: This coat runs HELLA large so size down. Its also incredible long, so be mindful of that if you do decide to buy it!


    Jacket / Gloves / Hat

    Now, some might fight me on how practical this coat is but hear me out first. It’s a reversible jacket, which you’ll see by clicking the link above, which means more ways to wear it! Personally, I’d almost always wear the faux fur side out but imagine that fur being your lining. How comfortable and WARM would you be? I’d pair this with accessories that were a bit more over the top, yanno, to match the feel of the coat and all!

    Coat / Hat

    One of the major reasons I love this coat so much is because it comes in so many different colours. Above are just two of the options you get, but there’s five total to pick from. This coat looks heavy, comfortable and warm but incredibly stylish at that. Pair it with a cute pom pom beret, and you’ve got yourself quite a look!

    Coat / Scarf

    Another coat I’m lucky enough to own and personally vouch for! I own this beauty in stone (which is sold out online) and I have no been able to stop wearing it since I put it on my body. Its the comfiest, warmest coat ever AND it looks hella good on the body too. One of my favourite aspects of it, though, has to be the giant faux fur hood. I’m telling you, there’s just nothing quite like the feeling of having this one.


    Thats it for my practical yet fashionable plus size coat list, you guys! I could go on and on and on but I didn’t want to overwhelm you all. What are some of your favourite plus size coats this season? Let me know in the comments below!

    November 16, 2017

    Apple Bottom

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    If you’re a long time follower of my blog, prepare yourself for what I’m about to say because this might come as a shock. As it turns out, I.. am actually.. into wearing plus size jeans these days. I’ve realized their true potential, their purpose in fashion AND how to style them. Its only taken me 30 long years and plenty of mistakes but I’m finally on board with the rest of you all. I’m really digging working plus size jeans and EVEN pants into my outfits more lately, and just in time for the cold weather. I guess they’re a bit more practical than wearing skirts and tights all winter, huh?
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    November 14, 2017

    Autumn Babe

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    Surprise bitch, I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me! I’m still pumping out Autumn themed OoTDs but that’s also just because I’ve been sick with the flu this past week and have no other content to post. So forgive me if you’re over Halloween themed, I promise I have holly jolly outfits to come!

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    November 10, 2017
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