Autumn Must-Haves

Now that I have officially put an end to my summer looks, it’s high time I started to really dive into fall clothing. As mentioned many times, I’m a sucker for autumn fashion. Just yesterday, I put up my Fall Favourites tag of 2017 and mentioned my favourite clothing styles of the season. Mustard, burgundy and plaid are some of the classics but I felt an urge to really narrow down some must haves for the season. If you’d like to see my top picks in fashion for this fall, read more!

Wine Appreciation Sweater in Mustard
My go-to sweater for the fall! Modcloth routinely brings this beauty back every year and for that, I’m grateful because I own it in multiple colours. The Wine Appreciate Sweater is a perfect mix of comfort and style. Not only that, it keeps me warming without making me sweat.

Fashion Forward Booties
I’m going to specifically use Torrid booties as an example here, even though there are plenty of options out there. I really love Torrid booties because I know they’re comfortable but durable. With that being said, shoes can be a bit tricky come the fall but I swear by booties to help me transition. I mean, is there anything better than a black bootie to tie an autumn look together?

Statement Sweaters
I already mentioned my favourite sweater above, but I couldn’t go without making them their own category. Sweaters, like shoes, don’t have to limit your look anymore. As you can see above, sweaters aren’t what they used to be. They’re fashionable, sometimes impractical but no longer boring.

Jean & Moto Jackets
My favourite part of fall has to be jacket weather! Its SO hard to narrow down my favourite kinds, but I always find myself coming back to these two types. You can always count on a good jean or moto jacket to take your outfit to a new level!

October 5, 2017
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