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October 2017

    Black Cat

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    It’s Halloweek, you guys, so expect all things Halloween until the big day! I finally lived out my dream of finally visiting Salem, MA in the month of October and although I got there too late to check out the local attractions, I still dressed up. I’ve been saving my black cat Unique Vintage dress for the right occasion, and I think roaming around the streets of Salem was the right place. My friend Hayley and I checked out some spooky sites, ate delicious food and got our tarot cards read at the oldest witch shop in Salem. All in all, it was a great day!

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    October 26, 2017

    Worst Witch

    With just over a week away until Halloween, I’m letting my festive spirit take over. I find myself wanting to put a spooky spin on just about every outfit I wear. Thankfully, I received this gorgeous Renaissance dress from Dare to Wear just in time for the holiday.

    Before, I do my usual outfit breakdown, I wanted to talk to you about Dare to Wear. As I mentioned above, I was recently approached to collaborate with this romantic, Vicotorian-inspired clothing company.  So rarely do we see this sort of fashion available for plus size bodies like mine, so it was a real treat to have them pop up in my inbox. If you haven’t already checked out the website by now, its worth mentioning that they go up to a 5x! Amazing, right? Now follow the cut for my review on this darling little dress.

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    October 24, 2017

    Lindy Love

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    Hi my loves! Recently, I got a pretty sizeable package from my absolute favourite online store, Lindy Bop. I’ve been pretty keen on their clothing since hauling their clothing this past summer and I couldn’t wait to get my hands another more since. Lindy Bop has some of my favourite plus size clothing on the market and at such an affordable price! So, make sure you keep your eyes peeled because in just a few days, I’ll be posting my haul. Until then, I have this Lindy Bop OoTD!

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    October 19, 2017

    Spooky School Girl

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    Hi my loves! Can you spot something a little bit different in this blog post? If you haven’t already, I tried something completely new with my makeup. I’m trying to, yanno, get out of my comfort zone and that includes stepping up my makeup game. I came across this ASMR makeup tutorial and gave it a shot myself. I definitely didn’t do the original justice, but I most certainly appreciated the results. What do you think?

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    October 17, 2017

    6 Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas

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    It’s almost Halloween, can you believe it? I’m absolutely clueless as to what I want to be this year and my indecisive butt can’t just make up my mind. So, I figured I’d channel some of my ideas into a blog post and maybe help anyone else out there who might be struggling to come up with a costume as well! I really, really tried to come up with 13 different ideas but this is a lot harder than it looks. Anywho, find 6 Plus Size Halloween costume ideas below!

    Dress / Shoes / Knee Highs / Skull / Black Lipstick

    Everyone and their mother has done Wednesday Addams but there’s a reason for that. She’s a morbid but lovable character we’d all like to channel on the scariest day of the year. It also doesn’t hurt that dressing up as Wednesday Addams doesn’t break the bank either. Sidenote: If you don’t have black hair, check out this black wig here.


    Dress / Wig / Socks / Shoes / Fake Blood

    Everyone fell in love with Eleven from Stranger things and I’m definitely one of those people. I’ve felt the need to dress up as (and hopefully harness some of her badassery) her since the first season, but finding that iconic pink dress has been a struggle. Torrid came out with the exact replica IN MY SIZE and I’m obsessed. Let’s be real, I’d wear this dress on an everyday basis, but why not spend Halloween as Eleven, too?


    Costume / Gloves / Shoes / Lipstick / Wig / Apple

    There is a very, very good chance I’ll end up going as Snow White this year. I’ve always told myself I’d dress up as the classic Disney princess but the stars have never aligned. Snow White is such an underrated princess but one of my favourites. As I was putting this together, I realized how easy getting all the essential parts are. Now all I need is my Prince Charming..


    Top / Necklace / Shoes / Pants / Wooden Stake

    Who doesn’t want to be Buffy The Vampire Slayer? She’s the epitome of a complex, bad ass woman and I’d kill to have that for a day. There are SO many different ways to dress as Buffy, but I settled on her classic burgundy leather pants, cross necklace and black top. Side note: Use the blonde wing from Eleven to finish off the look!


    Pants / Whip / Cat Ears / Mask / Bodysuit

    I’m never been a huge fan of cat woman but it only seems like a right of Halloween passage to dress up as the notorious character. Something about Cat Woman seems so fun to portray and even putting together this costume made me excited about donning her whip on Halloween. Worst case scenario, I pick up some killer pieces I could use time and time again. Sidenote: any black heeled booties or boots would make the perfect addition to this costume.


    Skirt / Shoes / Glasses / Cardigan / Top

    Probably the easiest of the costumes to replicate for me, seeing as my entire wardrobe looks like this. However, people typically ask if I’m going to a special event or if I’m dressed in a costume when they see me out in public in my usual getup. Why not use that to my advantage of really play the part on Halloween? Sidenote: Use my velcro roller tutorial to achieve the 1950s hair, too!


    I hope you all enjoyed my 6 different plus size friendly Halloween costume ideas. Please let me know in the comments if you think you might replicate any. Don’t forget to show me your photos if you do!


    October 13, 2017
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