Strawberry Shortcake


Yesterday we had weather so hot that I felt like I was suffocating and this morning, I was in long sleeves and a bomber. Welcome to Canadian weather! All things considered, at least it gave me the chance to wear my modcloth strawberry print dress out a little longer.

My outfit here is relatively simple and I chose to keep it that way. With a dress that has so much going on in the first place, I felt it would only be a disservice to overdue it on accessories. Anytime I wear this stunning little number, I hear compliments on it all day. How can you not fall in love with it? I’m so excited to see what Modcloth has to offer this fall because they really know how to do seasonal clothing so well.

Dress: Modcloth
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Purse: Betsy Johson
Fan: Gifted



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