Yes, I know, even I’m shocked that I’m wearing this outfit during what’s supposed to be our winter. Its been so warm lately, and even though its pretty concerning, I’m enjoying it a lot. Spring time is when I flourish, and when my style is no longer limited by the tights and boots I can wear. Even though we’re not there yet, I’m going to take full advantage of the abnormal weather.

Without even realizing, I put together an almost entirely Torrid outfit. I’ve been dying to include this adorable cat sweater in an OoTD since I picked it up in December, but I never quite knew how. Ps, its on sale now! I work best under pressure apparently, because I suddenly thought of pairing it with this green Torrid skirt as I was packing up for Boston.  I can’t wait to play around and get it into a few more OoTDs before it starts getting too hot. What do you think?

Sweater: Torrid
Skirt: Torrid
Back pack: Fashion Nova (use code “xosarahanne” to save money)
Bracelet: Gift from a friend
Shoes: Torrid


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