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I’ve been meaning to do this since I started to take my blog seriously. Other bloggers, namely plus size ones, are truly an inspiration to me and I want to start paying tribute to them monthly. So now, one Friday every month I’ll be mentioning 3 bloggers that I love. Let’s begin!


Natalie Johnson aka Shameless Creature  (@hentai.hunny). I don’t even have the vocabulary to describe just what Natalie’s style does to me. Its almost like an out of body experience when I’m browsing through her blog. My heart starts beating faster and before I know it, its 2am. This girl knows how to throw together an outfit, but she also knows how to take a damn good photo. I truly wish I knew how to convey just how captivated I am by Natalie, but something tells me you’ll understand 😉


Allie aka Aillurophile with Style (@ailurophilewithstyle). I’m lucky enough to know Allie in person but if I’m being totally honest here, I have been creeping her online for years. I don’t know a single person who does pastels better than Allie does. Allie makes me want to leave my comfort zone and try trousers, ripped jeans, top nots and so much more. She makes everything look so dang good, and so dang effortless. Teach me your ways!


Thamarr aka Musings of a Curvy Lady (@musingsofacurvylady). The second I found Thamarr on instagram, I fell head over heels. I must have spent a solid hour looking through her photos and admiring her style. Every single outfit she puts together is like something out of my dream closet. Whether she’s dressed up or down, Thamarr never fails to radiate elegance and class.  I’m just completely obsessed, to say the least, and I cannot get enough!

February 24, 2017
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