Love Yourself

As much as I talk about fashion here, my roots and heart are with fat acceptance. The day I learned to love myself without clothing on was the biggest, most rewarding day of my life. I actively spent my youth hiding from mirrors when I was anywhere near naked and that trend continued on until my early 20s. Now I’m a 29 year old fashion blogger who routinely talks openly about the ins and outs of loving yourself. If you asked me at 16 where I thought my life was headed, this wouldn’t be it.

When you’re constantly told to cover up, slim down, stay hidden and to feel ashamed of your body, it has an effect on you. You begin to believe that there really is something wrong with you, that your body is deformed and undesirable. I bought into that lie and it nearly consumed my whole life. I refuse to allow those thoughts to enter my mind ever again. Loving yourself is not the easy path, although some would disagree. It requires patience, kindness, perseverance and an incredible ability to tune out the naysayers. It’s long, gruelling but one of the most rewarding things you could ever do.
This is who am, in all my glory. My untouched stretch marks, my large belly, dimpled thighs, and chubby arms. This is the body I accept, I cherish and will continue to love until I’m old. Nobody can ever take that away from me.

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