Double Trouble

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Let me introduce you to my friend, Jess. She’s been my photographer for the last few months while I’ve been in Boston, a huge support and even better friend. You can find her on instagram, and eventually on her own blog. Its no secret I’m kind of obsessed with her, and I’ve wanted to feature her on my blog for awhile now. With the help of Torrid, we came up with the idea to pick the same (or very similar) pieces and show how we’d wear them to our own style. In the next few weeks, I’ll be unveiling more looks from this very neat collab with Torrid and Jess.

First, we picked this knit faux wrap skater dress and unanimously agreed this needed to part of our style series. Jess grabbed a 0 and I nabbed a 2. I can’t go without mentioning how incredibly soft and comfortable this dress is. We both spent a solid 5 minutes running our hands over the fabric and swooning over how soft it is. Jess and I had similar ideas on how to style this piece, but it could easily be worn many different ways. In short, we both adore the heck outta this dress and know you will too. Its cozy, soft, stretchy and easy to wear.

Dress: Torrid
Shoes on me: Marks
Shoes on Jess: Timberland 
Ring on me: Torrid
Bracelet on Jess: Unknown
Earrings & Necklace on me: Claires
Necklace on Jess:

January 3, 2017
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