Baby, its cold outside

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Some of us dread the cold, some of us thrive in it. As for me, I’m somewhere in the middle. Give me a chilly, snowy and sunny day and I’m a happy camper. There’s something magical and exciting about layering clothing, bundling up and drinking hot beverages to keep warm. Fashion can be kinda tricky this year, but after finding a pair of white tights tucked away in my drawer its been a game changer. Now I can keep my cute, pastel outfits bright and sunny.

I wanna concentrate more on my outerwear here. After looking back at these photos, I really felt they deserved their own post. I’ve said it many, many times before but outerwear doesn’t have to be boring and remove from all that hard work you put into your outfit. If done right, it can add exactly that extra something something you were looking for. As for this outfit? This adorable pink coat and even cuter heart shaped earmuffs took my look to a solid 11. I’m positive I’ll be wearing this a bunch more this winter!






Earmuffs: Forever21 
Coat: Fashion Nova (use code XOSARAHANNE for $$ off)
Glasses: Zenni Optical
Shoes: Payless Shoe Store
Tights: We Love Colors

December 9, 2016
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