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Awhile back, CowCow picked me as one of their Plus size style ambassadors. It was a huge honour, to say the least and I’m still shocked that they picked me. As a style ambassador, I was asked to pick 10 different clothing articles and style them in my own unique way. Being a huge CowCow fan previously, I had already been eying a few pieces and couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. I have many more exciting and unique pieces of clothing to bring your way and an in depth CowCow review coming to my Youtube channel. In the mean time though, let me¬†show off the purrfect (sorry, I had to) cat dress.







CowCow’s major feature that draws in customers far and wide is their unique prints. Their amazon store¬†offers a seemingly endless supply of different prints in different styles. From dresses, to leggings, to bathing suits. It almost makes it hard to pick what you want! If nothing else, CowCow is great for dressing up for very specific occasions. I knew the moment I saw this dress that it would make a great Halloween outfit and thats exactly what I did. I’m so eager to build my CowCow collection for every season and every occasion.

Dress: CowCow (in a 2x)
Shoes: Wal Mart
Socks: Wal Mart
Choker: HanksMinerals via Etsy
Rings: Can’t remember
Bag: Payless ShoeStore

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