Pumpkin Patch Cutie






Pumpkin picking has become one of my favourite October traditions. It just doesn’t quite feel like October until I’ve gone. Both my friend and I felt a little low on our holiday cheer, but thankfully visiting my new favourite farm fixed that for us.┬áThese were very last minute plans, so I had to throw something together quick. I typically take pumpkin picking outfits quite seriously, in fact its one of my favourite things to dress up for. The whole experience helps rejuvenate me and get me into the Halloween mood.

I ended up settling on this dusty blue dress, which happened to be the first time I’ve ever worn it out. I’d like to say its a brand new item, but its been sitting and waiting for me to notice for longer than I care to admit. Normally I lean towards oranges, black, even reds this time of year. Those are your usual, go-to fall┬ácolours. However, something screamed Autumn to me when I took out this dress again.
A really great, and often overlooked, way to add that finishing touch to any outfit is adding pins. I’ve always loved how I can match my mood through what pins I pick, or even the event I’m going to. In this ghost, I popped on my little ghost pin and we were off!

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Dress: Collectif
Pin: Target
Shoes: Thrifted




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