Mellow Yellow

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I never thought that at 29 I’d realize how much great it feels to wear a tutu. Most people write them off as childish fashion, but when Society+ introduced their tutus, I was among the very many who needed to own one. Of course, I gravitated immediately towards yellow and even worked it into a big Youtube lookbook collab that just a few months ago.





Wearing a tutu isn’t as difficult as you’d think, either. Some would say you have to have a special occasion to pull this off, but I would say the total opposite. Playing it up or down is as easy as switching up your accessories. Its even as simple as just having the mindset to say “I’m gonna wear the hell outta this tutu today” and leaving it at that. So, thank you Society+ for bringing tutus into my life. I’m forever thankful!

Top: Society+
Tutu: Society+
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Bag: Ebay

October 8, 2016
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