Its Easy Being Green

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Sometimes it feels really, really good to step outside of your comfort zone. So good that a new obsession starts and you’re just left asking yourself “what took me so long to get on board with this?”. Thats exactly how I felt when I put on these Torrid green jeans for the first time.




If you didn’t already know, Torrid has opened up a few stores in Canada and its been a long awaited event for many of us. I’ve made a point to check out one of their new Canadian locations but never got around to it until a few months back. Even though I frequently visit the US, I never thought “hey, maybe I should check out what Torrid’s up to these days?” because yanno, I’m the worst. Stepping through those doors honestly felt like a defining moment in my life. Its not that I hated or even dislike Torrid before, but I guess I just wrote it off as a place I could regularly shop due to the prices. I happened to stumble in on a day when they were having a buy 1 get 2 free clearance sale and I dove in head first. The 3 pieces I got were the 3 pieces you see here; green jeans, tucan top and pineapple bag. When I stepped out of the change room and looked at myself in the mirror I just knew I wasn’t leaving without them. I created an outfit I never knew I could love that much. Sometimes it really pays off to try on that garment you’re just unsure about because it could really be the one.




Top: Torrid
Jeans: Torrid
Shoes: Wal Mart
Purse: Torrid
Bracelet: Modcloth

September 13, 2016
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