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March 2016

    A Right to Bare Your Fat Arms

    I don’t exactly remember the moment I declared war on my arms, but I do remember the struggle I felt each time I’d go out. Any outing I had was plagued with anxiety and panic attacks, fits of anger and break downs. I can recount countless memories where I opted to stay home simply because I was too insecure of my arms. Every summer I picked suffocating in the heat over exposing something I felt such extreme shame around.
    If you google “I hate my arms” the results are mind blowing. Results ranging from blog posts of self hate to lotions, exercises to “lose that arm fat” and entire lines of beauty cosmetics to tone up your arms. When, why and how did fat arms become one of the worst things a human being can have?
    Five years later, I hardly think about my arms anymore. Its strange to think I ever really did and that I spent so much of my life fearing showing them off. I can’t quite figure out why I hated them so much and why so many people still do. My arms have stretch marks and cellulite, yes but do you know what else they have? The ability to hold up my favourite book while I lay in bed and relax. The ability to cook and bake for my loved ones. The ability to cuddle my partner and to hold him tight. My arms and your arms have amazing capabilities and they deserve our love, too.
    I took to instagram to ask for photos of people proudly showing off their arms and I was so, so blown away by all of the photos I received. Beyond the cut, you’ll find those photos and I hope it warms your  heart just as it did mine.

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    March 28, 2016

    Through the Bluebells

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    I’ve been blogging for 5 years but seldom do I have anyone take my photos. When the absolutely gorgeous Cindy came to visit me in Boston, she asked me to be her model and I couldn’t have said yes faster. Cindy’s photography is unreal, she’s one of the most talented photographers that I know. I was and still am incredibly honoured that she made me her model for a day.  These photos came out beautifully, don’t you think? You can hardly tell I’m freezing my butt off!
    Dress – Modcloth (similar here)
    Earrings – Charlotte Russe
    Hat – Taken from my sister
    Purse – Ebay
    Shoes – Modcloth
    March 15, 2016
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