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February 2016

    Happy Valentine’s!

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    The 14th has come and gone but its always Valentine’s day in my heart! I’m truly a sucker for romance, chocolate and Valentine’s decor so I really, really get into it this time of year. Here’s one of the many inspired outfits I threw together. I meant to take more but unfortunately the layout of my room doesn’t quite afford me much room to take photos without a massive struggle. With all that being sad, I hope you all had a great Valentine’s day, no matter what you did. I always felt like this holiday was about the love being a romantic couple but I’ve come to appreciate it as a day to celebrate the love you have for anyone in your life. Sometimes thats even paying tribute and kindness to yourself!
    Top – Old Navy
    Skirt – Forever 21+
    Shoes: Thrifted
    Earrings – I can’t remember 🙁
    Belt: Etsy
    February 16, 2016
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