Morale-Boosting Accessories

I had a pretty rough day last week. My skin was breaking out, none of my clothes were fitting right, and after a third attempt at doing my hair, I swept my split ends up into a ponytail and went about my moping. The day was just a perfect storm of self-doubt and confidence crushers.

I know that everyone has these days. You feel bad about yourself, and no amount of mantras or positive affirmations will snap you out of your funk. Deep down (hopefully), you know that your self-deprecating thoughts aren’t true, but you still need some kind of confidence jolt to get you back to feeling like your beautiful and amazing self again. So what’s a gal do to?

Personally, I chose to indulge in a few fall trends. Now, I didn’t buy clothes. Like I said, I felt like everything looked terrible and the last place I wanted to be was a dressing room. Instead, I found a shopping loophole in a fashionable item that looks good on everyone despite their shape, size, complexion, or what have you—accessories.

Accessories look amazing on everyone. Buying a few can certainly fulfill your need for some retail therapy, and give you just the extra touch you need to spice up your look, and give you your groove back.

Here are a few trends you can replicate that will fit the season, and help ramp up your morale.

A Fringe Purse

This season’s pieces bring heavy influence from the bohemian styles of the 1970s, and fringe is one of the most popular details to experience a resurgence. You can find fringe tassels on just about every piece of fashion you can think of, including my personal favourite, purses. A suede purse layered with fringe tassels looks great in classic shades of tan, brown, gray, and black. But you can also take advantage of some bolder colours like dark blue, purple, and even shades of red like the one featured here.

Fur and Fuzz

As you can see from what’s being featured on this site, fur and fuzz are back in a big way. You can find these cozy, animal inspired accents on several fall shoe styles including pumps, loafers, and ankle boots—otherwise known as the official shoe of the season. You could go for a feathered lined counter or toe box covered in bushel of fuzzy brown—just have fun with it. Most styles use faux fur, but you might want to double check the material before you buy.

Tassel Earrings

I have to admit, when I first saw these earrings, I thought they looked like mini brooms hanging from your ears. But then I saw them in a more mild manner, like the ones in this post, and I’ve since fallen in love with the trend. If the large, wide tassels are a bit too dramatic for your taste, try a thinner pair with looser tassels. You can also opt for a pair with additional beaded or jeweled accents to make them look less broom-ish.

If you’re having an off day, a few accessories might be just what you need to remind yourself how beautiful you really are. So search for what’s in, splurge on what you like, and shop on!

(post written by Maddie Winters: a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Santa Barbara, CA. You can usually catch her walking the beach with her dog, Dibby, or checking out the local boutiques.)

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