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September 2015

    Annual Apple Picking

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    Apple picking is one of my absolute favourite Summer/Autumn traditions, even if I end up sweating and regretting my clothing choices.  Some may say its too early in the season to walk away with anything worthwhile but you should have seen the size of the apples we picked! Gilbert and I walked away with two massive bags and a lot of apple cider donuts. I can’t wait until we go back because I’ve been picky promised that we’ll leave with pumpkins this time. I’m so wildly excited for fall!
    I almost never have anything to say about my clothing anymore and I feel a little forced when it comes to this part. I think I feel more authentic talking about my emotions and events around what I’m wearing. A lot of the times I’ll match my clothing to my mood, which I think I’ve discussed before. Would anyone really hate if I stopped (poorly) talking about my clothing? I’ll still make a point to mention where I got everything and organically mention my outfit. Its just been a struggle to discuss fashion for me these days and I’m not even entirely sure why!
    Dress – ASOS Curve
    Socks – ASOS 
    Shoes – Urban Outfitters


    September 23, 2015

    Somewhere beyond the sea

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    I’ve grown to really love weddings and thoroughly look forward to attending them. Maybe its because it gives me a chance to get dolled up or maybe its because I’m a big, gushy, crybaby? Who knows! Gil’s co-worker had an oceanside wedding and it was just the prettiest (but hottest) wedding I’ve ever been to. I’m still not sure if I like this dress but needless to say, I made it work for the occasion. These shoes killed my feet but they were so worth it. Now, if only I could sit by the ocean everyday. Oh, what a dream that would be!
    Dress – eShakti
    Shoes – Zulily 
    Earrings – Etsy (I can’t remember the seller, sorry!)
    Ring – Old Navy
    September 7, 2015
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