Harvard Yard

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A friend of mine recently came out to visit me here in Boston. We’re both huge Gilmore Girls fans and so I knew I had to give her a tour of Harvard. Any GG fan knows the importance of Harvard to Rory Gilmore. My very first time was short but magical and I couldn’t wait to get back and show Michelle. I felt what Rory felt but maybe a lot less intense. This place makes you feel happy and grounded. Michelle and I (and my handy dandy photog boyfriend, Gil) hung out in the yard just taking photos, basking in the sun and taking it all in for about an hour. What a dream come true!
I seldom really dress up anymore so I knew I needed to take this opportunity to get back into my old habits. Although I made us leave a bit (hmm, maybe a lot) later than we had anticipated, it was well worth it for me. My mood hasn’t been so great lately but actually dedicating myself to putting an outfit together just felt… right. Having the chance to really be myself and really take that nessescary time to cater to my needs felt so good. It felt like being me again. I might be the princess of over emphasized emotions but I was truly happy in that moment.
Have you ever been to Harvard? If not, where have you always dreamed of visiting? I still have so many places that I would love to go but Harvard was a big must for me!
Dress – eShakti
Shoes – Thrifted (similar here)
Bag – Forever21
Pins – Thrifted
Sunglasses – Borrowed from Michelle
June 16, 2015
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    this dress is so pretty on you & I love your friends glasses (on you)!

    June 17, 2015 at 3:02 am
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