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March 2015

    Confidence and stuff: When things get tough

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    Many of my page views come from a video I made years ago about confidence and how to have it. Its been awhile since I’ve really felt as confident as I did in the video and I wanted to revisit the topic. Its been really difficult to make this video and after numerous attempts, I think I’ve finally managed to put something semi-decent together.  I do get emotional in this video so please be warned! With all that being said, I really hope you enjoy what I have to say (even if my thoughts are all over the place!) 
    March 29, 2015


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    I’m entering a weird phase in my life where I don’t really care too much about getting dressed up anymore. I really like doing my makeup but often times I’ll just throw on leggings and a basic V-neck from Old Navy. As a result, I don’t have very many outfits worth posting or even mentioning. I’m getting pretty antsy about warmer weather, though and I’m hopeful that it’ll restore my love of dressing up.

    The last time I really dressed up was Valentine’s Day and I’ll admit, this was kind of a repeat outfit. I wore this dress for Christmas dinner but I wasn’t as into my hair, makeup or accessories. This time around, I spent more time getting everything just right and I think it paid off. Velvet is still very much a favourite of mine and I hope the fad stays around for awhile. Its such a pretty fabric! 

    Dress – ASOS
    Tights – Wal Mart
    Necklace – Etsy
    Boots – Modcloth
    Question: How many of you are interested in my makeup routine? I’m thinking of expanding and posting about the new makeup I try out, makeup tutorials etc.

    March 20, 2015
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