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January 2015

    Summer Love

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    I miss summer, I miss the heat and I miss the sunshine. I’m a summer baby and even though I complain a LOT about how hot and uncomfortable that time of year is, I truly cannot get enough of the season. I find myself feeling so down in the dumps during the winter (hence the lack of blog posts) and this year its destroying my desire to even get dressed up. What gives! I wanna wear cute dresses with flats again and I’m so sick of boots. 

    One of my last Summer hoorahs was my birthday/birthday party and I find myself thinking about that day a lot. It was probably too hot to call it the perfect summer day but it could have been a lot worse. I felt like a princess all day and it was really heart warming to see how many people wished me birthday love. Whenever I find myself feeling down, I try to remind myself of all the love that I have around me and thinking of how perfect that day was for me puts things in perspective. My boyfriend took me to the Children’s Museum (even though he wasn’t too keen on going!) and we hung out afterwards by the Charles River. Although the gifts were obviously a major plus for me, those little moments are what matters most. Quality time with the people I love is what makes this life worth living, yanno? It doesn’t matter how many dresses I own or dollars are in my bank account. What matters is cherishing the moments that will soon be gone. So, I look back on that day and smile but feel sad that its over. I look back and feel happy that I had the absolute privilege to wear such a beautiful dress, snuggle up with the boy that I’m crazy about and feel all of the love that I have in my life. Thats the best birthday gift this girl could ask for!

    Dress – Modcloth
    Shoes – Walmart 

    January 24, 2015
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