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December 2014

    Festive Halloween

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    I know this is very, very late but I just couldn’t let the year end without posting my Halloween costume. I don’t normally get a chance to dress up but when I found out I would actually be doing something this year, I went a bit overboard.

    If you remember the original Alvin and the Chipmunks, you’ll also remember the Chipettes. I was pretty obsessed with them as a kid and I wanted to be a variation of all 3. However, I always had a soft spot for Eleanor. She was cute, chubby and silly, just like me! I was also pretty keen on Theodore and since they were sort of a thing, I wanted to be her even more. I decided very last minute to be Eleanor Chipette for Halloween but I knew I had a lot of pieces already laying around to put this together. The wig was kind of a splurge item but it was really fun to be blonde for the night! I’m kinda digging the colour on myself too! What did everyone else go as for Halloween? 

    Shirt – Thrifted
    Vest – jnh5855 via Etsy
    Tie – Borrowed from my boyfriend
    Skirt – Chubby Cartwheels
    Socks – Sockdreams
    Shoes – Walmart
    Wig – Arda Wigs

    December 4, 2014
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