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August 2014

    Blueberry Fields Forever

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    My friend Holle visited us for 5 days and during that time she snapped so many beautiful photos of us. Aren’t these the most precious photos you ever did see? She really is such an incredibly talented photographer and it was really, really nice getting to be her model for a little bit. If you’re interested in her work, please do check out her blog here!
    Most of my previous summers were spent on the beach or in swimming pools but since I started dating my boyfriend, the new tradition has become fruit picking. Its kind of a big deal for me and I spend weeks planning the perfect pieces to bring together the most fitting outfit. I take this kinda stuff very seriously. Since I don’t have as many big events to attend anymore nor do I have school (at least for the new few weeks) to keep me busy, I take the chances I have to really do my outfits right. Even though it was absolutely sweltering outside (my bangs paid the price) and I ended up dropping strawberry shortcake all over my white top, I still had a really lovely time. 

    Top – Forever21
    Skirt – Modcloth
    Shoes – Wal Mart
    Socks – Sockdreams
    Pin – Deer Heart
    Earrings – Thrifted 
    August 26, 2014

    An Evening in Salem

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    Is this really happening? Am I actually updating my blog? I always seem to start my posts apologizing for my lack of posts and promising that things will be updated a lot more around here but that just about never happens. So this time, no false promises! I’m the worst with time management and keeping myself on a schedule that allows room for photos is just damn near impossible for me. 
    As many of you know, I spend an awful lot of time hanging out in Massachusetts since my beau lives there. I’ve been promising myself for the past year that I would make a visit to Salem, MA happen. Visiting has been a dream of mine since I was a very young girl. I’ve alway loved history and on top of that, always found myself fascinated with the Salem Witch Trials. Never did I ever think I’d find myself so close to the town on such a regular basis. But, after a really last minute decision we decided to head out for the evening and check out the famous town. I wanted to go as witchy as possible but since I was to meet the boyfriend’s boss, I had to keep it ultra cute.
    What I wore wasn’t totally fitting for a trip to the town most known for witchcraft trials and spooky stories. While I still love squeezing myself into tight dresses and skirts, I’ve grown quite found of my cute aesthetic. Maybe its because I’m having a crisis about turning 27 in a few days and maybe I’m just not fond of being that much closer to 30. I want to remain as childlike as possible and thats starting to manifest through my clothing choices. Still, I try to keep a little bit of my sensuality in there. Luckily, I was able to re-do a Salem worthy outfit which I promise, will make it into this website! Until then, xo
    Cardigan – Old Navy
    Top – Modcloth
    Skirt – ASOS
    Shoes – Walmart 

    August 14, 2014
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