Skin Tight

Gosh, its been awhile hasn’t it? My internet has been out for the past week and well, I’m just awful at blogging lately. But whatever, I say this every time there has been a big gap. I’m so excited to share these photos and I apologize now for the picture spam. I had way too much fun with these!!
Its every bloggers dream to get contact by ASOS and that dream came true for me a few months back. They offered me the chance to review a few pieces and of course I jumped right at it. It was a bit hard to narrow down my purchase but I knew I wanted to step outside of my norm. If you’ve been following this blog long at all, you know I barely wear jeans. I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair of high waisted, super skinny pair of jeans and thank the lord above that ASOS carries them. These beauties have a decent amount of stretch so I stuck to my regular UK22 but I just barely fit. It gives me the look I want but breathing is a tad difficult. A girl’s gotta work, though! I’m so in love with how they look on me and I’ve already got a butt load of outfit ideas for these guys! Aside from these being skin tight, they’re relatively comfortable which means I can wear these for dinner dates and strolls around the park. I see myself living in these jeans this summer! 
Oh, and I guess I haven’t officially posted since I had my hair cut (and redyed). What does everything think? I had such a hard time getting used to the change but now I just love it so much. Mind you, I’m missing my long locks a ton already!
Top – Forever21
Jeans – ℅ ASOS
Shoes – Walmart
Pin – Deerheart 
Earrings – Aldo Accessories


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