Alright, I’m just gonna admit defeat and say that I can’t keep this blog regularly updated for the life of me. The winter blues having been kicking me down and constantly traveling when I’m awful at time management doesn’t help either.

Valentine’s is a bit of a cheesy holiday but I’ll be the first to admit that I just love it. Red, hearts everywhere and cute little trinkets to obsessively collect.  I normally make a point of going post-Valentine’s day to grab whatever I can 50% off but this year it just didn’t happen for me. I did, however, finally get my first V-day date and boy was it ever perfect! Gil and I spent most of the day contemplating if we actually wanted to get out but decided on dinner and drinks. He got me the Canon t3i and surprised me with a hand written card in my suitcase after I have a pouty baby stint. Needless to say, I felt really silly after I discovered it!
I had originally planned to wear something really sultry and vampy but after getting this absolutely perfect eShakti dress, I couldn’t imagine a better outfit to wear. I don’t know about everyone else but I’ve been a little disappointed with eShakti as of late. The last few pieces weren’t made nearly as well as I’m used to and I wasn’t really lusting over any winter items. I remember going a bit gaga last year over their Valetine’s collection and thankfully this was just as good and I nabbed this piece of $17 after applying a bunch of discounts! Its the first dress that has actually fit so well that I don’t think I’ll need to alter it whatsoever, which worked out perfectly seeing as I didn’t try it on until the very night I wore it out. I’m so sorry for the lack of detail in these shots but my shoes weren’t very cute thanks to a big snow storm outside and I really didn’t realize that you couldn’t see my earrings. Trust me, they were cute!
Dress – Eshakti
Stockings – Lane Bryant


  1. Emmett Katherine says:

    i hear you on trying to keep up with blogging. I love blogging and reading my faves but lately it seems like there just aren't enough hours to keep up. Glad to see you decided to post this outfit, it's fabulous and the dress is so you!!

  2. lobsterleyla says:

    I relate to the whole 'can't blog because I'm sad' feels and just wanted to say you totally don't need to add that stress to yourself, blogging is for fun and don't feel like you're failing at it because the blues are often demanding. I can't presume to know how you feel, but if it's anything like my relationship with the chronic blues and time management it's tots not good for you.

    That said, dreamy dress, dreamy garters, dreamy girl and DREAMY BOY. Uh uh.

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