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December 2013

    A Post About Weight Loss

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    Before you read, let me first start by saying that this isn’t going to be your usual weight loss inspirational post. Its not about how I’m starting on some journey to shed my “excess” weight or anything of the sort. If you don’t want to know my opinion on (extreme) weight loss, please stop now. The opinions expressed below are only mine.

    Every morning I make my cream cheese bagel, pour myself a glass of water and turn the TV on. I flick through the channels until something sounds decent enough to keep as background noise. Every now and then I hear the odd funny joke that sticks with me or ridiculous story that makes me wanna research it a little more. So, today like normal I caught a short segment on a new weight loss procedure. I’m prone to switching the channel right away as hearing about weight loss can be quite triggering and uncomfortable for me. But in all of my years of fat activism and hearing stories about weight loss options that just seem so absurd you can’t help but laugh, I could never have expected this. It seems like some sick, sad joke.

    “The Tongue Patch Diet” has been around for 4 years and its basically a baby in comparison to procedures. This article states only about 800 people have had the surgery done which in the grand scheme of things doesn’t seem that big, right? When you think about people who have willingly signed up for this process, it doesn’t seem so small anymore. The tongue patch diet is as ridiculous and scary as it sounds because you literally get a patch sewn onto your tongue and keep it there until you’re at your goal weight. Having it there makes eating so gruelling, painful and unpleasant that you cannot do anything but ingest liquids, forcing you into losing weight.

    Now, I know anyone who has had this surgery is more than capable of making their own choices. Who am I to judge anyone else’s choice with their body? But thats not my gripe here. My gripe is that we have failed. Society has royally fucked up and we have no one to blame but ourselves. We have created an environment that could actually cause someone to hate their body so much that they’re willing to sew some foreign object onto their tongue in hopes of shedding those pesky pounds. How have we come this far? How are people still questioning the existing of fat phobia/hate/whatever you wanna call it?

    Today I’m just sad and I feel defeated because this is out there and there’s so much money being thrown into the diet industry that what can I do? I can’t do anything but want to hug these people and tell them that I’m sorry. I can’t do anything but make this post and vent about how disgusted I am. But I just wanted to say to my small little audience that I’m sorry if you’ve ever had negative body talk . I’m sorry if you’ve ever hated what you look so much that you’d be willing to harm yourself. I’m just sorry and this is not okay.

    I want to finish by saying that I understand weight loss is a very personal choice and I in no way want to shame anyone who decides to do so. Thats not my right whatsoever. My problem here isn’t your choices but the fact that fat shaming exist to the degree that it does. I just want that very clear.

    December 27, 2013


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    As I’m sure some of you know, my dear friend Stina and I have been annually hitting up Value Village + McDonalds every Halloween for at least two years now and this year was no different! I’m very particular about what I wear for this occasion, its an important one! Seeing Stina amps up my desire to be more creative with my outfits, especially since she’s always so on point with hers. 
    Like many of you, I’m gaga over pinafore dresses this season. ASOS is pretty reliable when it comes to keeping us plus size gals up to date with on trend items so I kept a watchful eye until they finally came through. I’ve seen so many blogger wear this garment already and so well on top of that! I’m actually ashamed how much thought I put into creating my very own version of this dress. 
    Hanging out with Stina for Halloween was just what I needed this holiday season. It hasn’t felt like Halloween or Christmas but seeing her really reminded me why I look forward to this time of year. Enjoy some more photos from our annual Halloween get together!

    Top – Big Fat Toronto Swap
    Dress – ASOS
    Socks – Ardenes
    Shoes – Wal Mart
    Pins – Pork Magazine
    December 24, 2013

    Lovesick Blues

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    I’m in a Patsy Cline mood so do excuse the rather depressing title. It seemed to fit somehow; I am lovesick for my beau in Boston. These photos were taken during my last long stay for our 6 months mini-versary (which is a pretty big deal for people in a LDR, if I do say so myself) and today we celebrate 9 months.

    I know my last post was all about taking risks and getting away from my normal style but I’m still a sucker for skin tight dresses, VBO (visible belly outline), cleavage and short skirts. Slipping into fitted dresses, looking at myself in the mirror and admiring the curves of my body is one of my favourite things. Its allowed me to really, really get comfortable with the folds and mounds of my body that I otherwise hid from. I’m certainly not unaware of how many, many women run from this very idea but for me its quite liberating and empowering. Sometimes I’ve felt as though my desire to be quite (for lack of a better word) loud with my outfit choices has sort of alienated my ability to be an approachable fatshion blogger. Still, I hope in some way that its inspired others to take a risk or think outside of the norm.

    Dress – ASOS Curve

    Shoes – Thrifted

    Earrings – Gift from my fella

    December 2, 2013
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