Merci Beaucoo

Hey, its not easy being a girl these days. There’s so much hate between bodies and even more hate in ourselves. Dividing the masses or drawing more lines between fat and thin is problematic as hell but here’s where BeauCoo comes in.
BeauCoo is a brand new online community that welcomes all bodies to share their outfits. Whats even more cool is that you enter in your measurements and then can sort by similar body types for tips and inspiration on different styles. Whats even more neat is finding other online shops that cater to your size as adding where you bought your garments is mandatory over here!
I’m really, really pleased that BeauCoo exists but since its so new there isn’t much going on there right now. I’m also looking forward to the day that I can upload my outfits via the web but there’s a neat option to vote for web uploads too. BeauCoo seems really customer service based and cares a lot about making a diverse, open and accepting community. I just love how they make a point of opening up to all sizes and not limiting either way. I’d love to see larger fats join the community for even more diversity! 
BeauCoo has such a nice, inviting layout which may not matter to most but I’m a sucker for a good design. Its relatively easy to navigate (aside from a few glitches) as well. Finding people who look like me is also really easy as well and I feel really safe uploading photos of myself there. Sometimes its scary being publicly fat in spaces meant for all body shapes but BeauCoo doesn’t give me that feel. I’m also really intrigued by the brand new feature “Shop BeauCoo“. Discount clothing AND available in my size? What more could I want? 
Anywho, I think you should give BeauCoo a shot! You can sign up through the main website but grabbing the app is your best bet. Once you do, let me know what you think!


  1. Victoria MacLean says:

    Thank you for the review on BeauCoo Sarah Anne, I love to hear that you're a fan and appreciate that we're trying to create a safe community! Just a heads up that we're changing the copy on the 'fit and flatter' – I completely agree, let me know what you think in the next couple of days AND our technical team is working on the ability upload pics through the website (it takes a little extra work with all the different file size and types people use) – but should be ready in less than a month, yay! We also *just* launched, so take a look and let me know what you think! <3

    Victoria, co-founder of BeauCoo
    victoria (at) beaucoo (dot) com

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