Pumpkin Spice

This year has been all about different things and risks and new, exciting adventures. I wanted to start emulating that in my clothing choices and I think I’ve done a fine job of doing so. Last year was all about tight skirts and the same old colours. Not that I’m knocking my old style whatsoever but its nice to break off and do something new, especially when life hands you some major curveballs! Lately I’ve felt very drawn to flowing skirts, adorable dresses and sweet patterns. Not something I often explore but its kind of fun to play into another aspect of fashion that I’ve so often admired. I feel like I’m getting into costume whenever I put on a new style or better yet, expressing a different part of myself. That might sound a bit mumbo jumbo to some, especially since this outfit exhibits none of the qualities but still, its helping me find some inspiration these days.
I originally purchased this sweater on a whim and honestly, with the intention of returning it almost immediately. I never got around to it which meant I was forced to keep it and I’m rather happy that I did. Rust has never been a colour thats lasted in my warbrobe very long but I’m feeling this shade on me. Now that the weather has finally started to go below freezing,  I’ll have a chance to wear it out more. What are your winter fashion goals? Are you taking risks this season or sticking to the usual?

Sweater – Target
Skirt – ASOS
Belt – ASOS
Pin – Pork Magazine
Leg Warmers – Sock Dreams
Tights – Rite Aid
Shoes – Walmart


  1. Hannah says:

    What you said definitely makes sense! And I agree. Getting dressed is like letting a different part of your personality shine everyday.

    Glad you kept that sweater! You rock it. 🙂

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