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November 2013

    Merci Beaucoo

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    Hey, its not easy being a girl these days. There’s so much hate between bodies and even more hate in ourselves. Dividing the masses or drawing more lines between fat and thin is problematic as hell but here’s where BeauCoo comes in.
    BeauCoo is a brand new online community that welcomes all bodies to share their outfits. Whats even more cool is that you enter in your measurements and then can sort by similar body types for tips and inspiration on different styles. Whats even more neat is finding other online shops that cater to your size as adding where you bought your garments is mandatory over here!
    I’m really, really pleased that BeauCoo exists but since its so new there isn’t much going on there right now. I’m also looking forward to the day that I can upload my outfits via the web but there’s a neat option to vote for web uploads too. BeauCoo seems really customer service based and cares a lot about making a diverse, open and accepting community. I just love how they make a point of opening up to all sizes and not limiting either way. I’d love to see larger fats join the community for even more diversity! 
    BeauCoo has such a nice, inviting layout which may not matter to most but I’m a sucker for a good design. Its relatively easy to navigate (aside from a few glitches) as well. Finding people who look like me is also really easy as well and I feel really safe uploading photos of myself there. Sometimes its scary being publicly fat in spaces meant for all body shapes but BeauCoo doesn’t give me that feel. I’m also really intrigued by the brand new feature “Shop BeauCoo“. Discount clothing AND available in my size? What more could I want? 
    Anywho, I think you should give BeauCoo a shot! You can sign up through the main website but grabbing the app is your best bet. Once you do, let me know what you think!
    November 25, 2013

    Instagram Dump #2

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    First night out in London + Last night out in London

    Perfect velvet crop top that I picked up from Primark + My Tower of London outfit

    Redoing an outfit for my movie date night with Gil (in Boston) + Brill Communications S/S Preview event outfit

    School outfit + Traveling outfit

    Two new purchases: Glasses from Icing by Claire’s + Velvet babydoll dress from Walmart

    Going red + My winter look

    I feel like I haven’t stopped in 3 weeks but its real nice to be busy.. I guess. Anywho, I promised you an outfit so here it is! I’m excited for winter and even more excited to change up my basic black hair + bangs look. This lady is going auburn!! Don’t forget to follow me on instagram if you haven’t already: tonsablush (my account is private so you’ll need one to see my updates!)

    November 23, 2013

    Pumpkin Spice

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    This year has been all about different things and risks and new, exciting adventures. I wanted to start emulating that in my clothing choices and I think I’ve done a fine job of doing so. Last year was all about tight skirts and the same old colours. Not that I’m knocking my old style whatsoever but its nice to break off and do something new, especially when life hands you some major curveballs! Lately I’ve felt very drawn to flowing skirts, adorable dresses and sweet patterns. Not something I often explore but its kind of fun to play into another aspect of fashion that I’ve so often admired. I feel like I’m getting into costume whenever I put on a new style or better yet, expressing a different part of myself. That might sound a bit mumbo jumbo to some, especially since this outfit exhibits none of the qualities but still, its helping me find some inspiration these days.
    I originally purchased this sweater on a whim and honestly, with the intention of returning it almost immediately. I never got around to it which meant I was forced to keep it and I’m rather happy that I did. Rust has never been a colour thats lasted in my warbrobe very long but I’m feeling this shade on me. Now that the weather has finally started to go below freezing,  I’ll have a chance to wear it out more. What are your winter fashion goals? Are you taking risks this season or sticking to the usual?

    Sweater – Target
    Skirt – ASOS
    Belt – ASOS
    Pin – Pork Magazine
    Leg Warmers – Sock Dreams
    Tights – Rite Aid
    Shoes – Walmart
    November 19, 2013


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    Cellulite is a tricky thing, isn’t it? It doesn’t just plague us fat folk but somehow its been pushed on us as another thing to hate about our bodies. I’d be lying if I said I love my cellulite all the time. In fact, I’d be hard-pressed to even say that I love my cellulite. Yet here I am, exposing my dimpled derrière and thighs to all those who stumble upon my page. And why? Because I’m learning to be not so afraid of something so innocent and harmless. 
    Everything gets cellulite, I don’t care who you are! Its so harmless yet portrayed as one of thee most ugly things a person can have. Why? Really, just ask yourself, why? Dimples are cute, butts and thighs are cute. Put the two together and you’ve got extra cuteness, right? But in all seriousness, this madness has to end. We need to stop picking apart every inch of our bodies just to find reasons to hate ourselves. My body, your body and your neighbour’s body is the only one they’ll ever have. Its the only one that’ll experience its first crush, the joys of digging into a late night snack, swimming in the ocean on a blazing hot summer day. Its the only one that’ll continue to fascinate you and keep you around to experience all the amazing things in life. To hate it, to really hate and loathe it over something so simple is remarkably pointless. I’m not asking you to expose your behind the same way I have done but what I am suggesting is a little reconsideration. Remove all other opinion and just look. 
    November 18, 2013

    London Calling

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    There’s a London shaped hole in my heart right now and I’m missing the city like crazy. I just got back last night from a very last minute visit to one of my dream places and I still feel like it didn’t happen. My fella took me along for a business trip and I spent the days sight seeing, meeting some pretty amazing babes, hanging with my sister and just absorbing what I could in 5 short days. I flew over night, landed at 4.30am and (barely) managed to pull myself out of bed for Plus London 3! Although I didn’t get to stay long (my sis had plans for me!), I so enjoyed being there and meeting some bloggers I had only dreamed of meeting. I saw Notting Hill, finally had coffee with my dear old friend Ivonne, visited the Tower of London, shopped and so, so much more. My heart is aching to go back and see more but until then, I’ll keep these photos as a reminder of the amazing time I had.
    Plus London 3 with the absolutely beautiful and oh so sweet Lauren!

    Snapping shots of myself on my (sorta) first tube experience and having coffee in Notting Hill with Ivonne (one of my oldest internet friends)

    The place where Anne Boleyn and so many more were beheaded. Very chilling and eerie spot to be standing. I had such a strong emotional reaction on my visit to the Tower of London
    The only sight seeing I was able to do with Gil but what a perfect night it was! 

    I’ll be posting a few of my outfits and finds in another post but until then, I’m off to cry about being back in North America.

    November 8, 2013
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