Old Navy Skinnies Sale

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 Its pretty common knowledge that I don’t do pants often but that certainly doesn’t mean I haven’t dreamed up outfits around them. I’m almost positive that the last time I sported jeans was back in high school. Finding pants that I love that can be an exhausting task, especially since I don’t really want regular jeans. I’m not a fan of boot cut, wide leg anything. Throw me some high waisted skinnies and you might just have me converted.

Now with the colder days coming I’ve been thinking an awful lot about changing things up this season and invested in a pair of quality skinnies. Then it hit me, Old Navy! I’ve gained quite some weight since the last time I fit into their pants but now with the launch of Old Navy‘s plus size range, I can finally fit again! What’s even better? Right this very second Old Navy is having a major discount on skinnies and what a deal it is! Pants starting at $19 and with the sites 30% off code, its even cheaper. I’m really impressed with what I see but then again, when am I not with Old Navy? Pleather, polka dots, white jeans and more? I’m gonna have to break my dry spell and own a few pairs. I remember religiously investing and shopping at Old Navy for jeans back in the day and I’m rather intrigued to see whether or not they’ll live up to my memories.

In regular Sarah fashion, I started daydreaming about owning my favourite pairs and put together some “If I had all the money in the world” outfits.

Old Navy’s skinnies sale ends on Oct 2nd so get on this amazing deal quick!! I know I will!
October 2, 2013
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