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October 2013

    Happy Halloween!

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    Just checking in to wish all of my readers a spooky Halloween! I’m currently hanging out at Porter airport waiting to board a flight back to Boston so this is just about the only dressing up I’ll do. What are you plans this Halloween? 

    I realize I posted this very same song last year but its a classic!

    October 31, 2013

    On Loving Your Physical Self + How to Get There

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    I don’t know how to be a role model. In fact, I never expected to be one but after three years of blogging and being “openly fat”, the role sort of just sticks to you. I certainly don’t fight it and appreciate the heck out of my position but often times I feel at a loss for words. What can you say to someone who approaches you and asks one of the most complex questions you’ll ever come across? How do you give someone the recipe to loving themselves? The simple answer is; you can’t. Not because it isn’t possible but because the answer just isn’t easy.

    My childhood memories are a foggy collection of playing with barbies on my front porch, sleeping with the night light on because I was too scared of the dark and unfortunately, getting made fun of because of my weight. I think the very first time I was ever made aware of my seemingly contagious and repulsive disease was in kindergarden. Seems a bit young, right? Not so, unfortunately. Kids are cruel and nowadays that cruelty is even more accessible thanks to social media. I was only about 14 or so when I discovered the big, vast online world so at least after the final school bell rang, I had a chance to go home and try to forget how I was being taught to hate myself. For some of us, it starts a lot sooner than kindergarden. Self hate is ingrained into our system in our most vulnerable years and that alone is why the answer is so complex and complicated.

    In my experience, challenging my belief system was extremely important. That meant distancing myself from friends and really trying to figure out on my own what it meant to be beautiful. I don’t suggest becoming a hermit like I did, but it certainly helped me get a better handle on loving myself when the negative reinforcements in my life were at a distance. Alternatively, I think it helped established much needed boundaries between myself and those around me who fed into my self-hate. I spent time engaging with a community that wanted and taught self love. I looked at other fat babes and envied their style and confidence. I realized they weren’t much different than I was. They have all the things I have: bellies, extra bits and all. Yet there they were, strutting their stuff like being fat was this season’s biggest (no pun intended) trend.  Needless to say, that helped a lot. I was finally able to see what we are so often sheltered from. Being skinny suddenly didn’t mean what I thought it did anymore. Skinny wasn’t an exclusive club where the potential boyfriends hung out or all the cute clothing was available. It was right there at my fingertips. I just needed to grab for it.

    What I can tell you is this; loving yourself is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. It will often times feel like you aren’t making progress at all or that everyone just wants you to stay a self-loathing human being. There will be days you just feel like giving up or crying into your pillow. It will kick your butt and feel like a pointless endeavour. But even through those crippling downs, you’re going to experience even better good, no great days. The only thing you really need to know is that you’re completely capable.

    I’ll leave you with this question as its helped me better understand where my hate came from. What don’t you like about being fat and what do you feel it prevents you from? Really, really think about it. I was shocked when I realized all the things I thought being fat meant but was even more surprised when I realized how wrong I was. Try this and once you have answered truthfully, prove yourself wrong. Collect evidence against those very ideas. For me, that meant realizing fat girls can indeed be loved and sexually appreciated. That meant I could be more than just the funny, side-kick friend. It also meant cute clothing! Try this and if you so desire, share it with me. I’d like to help prove you wrong, too.

    October 29, 2013

    Museum of Science

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    Most fashion bloggers will tell you its a struggle to put out new, engaging and exciting content all the time and I think part of that struggle is the reason for major gaps in my updates. I often wonder if my outfits are even good enough for a post and then scrap the idea all together. I’m trying to remember that this blog wasn’t started for that purpose. It was started to help me document my personal growth and to give easy tips and information to those who stumble upon it. And with that being said, I decided its about time I start posting my not-so exciting outfits. Things I wear everyday are equally as important, even if they might not be as “on point” as I’d like. I’d also like to take this blog and do more with it, like cover lifestyle topics and get more political with my posts. I’d really, really appreciate hearing from the readers what they’d like to see from my blog. Would you be interested in my ramblings about life and other subjects? 
    Back in August, I celebrated my 26th birthday (yeesh, I’m getting old) and even though I had no intention to spend it sick and cranky, I made the most of it. Gilbert and I headed to the Museum of Science on one of the hottest days of the year and finished off our outing with a trip to 5 guys. Real exciting stuff, right? I guess this is probably the most accurate portrayal of my everyday style, though. I tend to throw on my high waisted shorts and whatever cut up top happens to be in arms length from me and head out. The only difference now is the addition of tights and the occasional scarf. I certainly wish I had the drive to keep up with my constant desire to be creative. Ah well, I’ll just stick to polyvore posts and dreaming up outfits in my head!

    Top – Hunx & His Punx concert
    Shorts – ASOS
    Cardigan – Gifted
    Shoes – Wal Mart
    Bandana – Ardene

    October 27, 2013

    Skincare Routine

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    When I was a wee 18 year old just getting into makeup, I was very reckless with my skin. I’d sleep with makeup on overnight, never moisturize and almost never cleanse. Now at 26 I take my skincare routine very serious. Its taken me quite some time to figure out what works for my normal-combination skin but I think I’ve finally come across the perfect mix of products for me. 
    Cleansing Foam by Eau Thermale Avène: I’m sure you’ve noticed most of my products are by Avène and thats because I’m quite taken by this brand. This cleanser leaves you with a matte finish and is especially designed to target oily T-zones. It also duals as a makeup remover which leaves you feeling even cleaner! I tend to use this cleanser in the morning, especially if I intend to do my makeup that day. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth and which happens to make applying my makeup that much easier. Although this isn’t my favourite cleanser, it certainly is a good alternative for it.
    Gel Cleanser by Eau Thermale Avène: I can safely say that Avène’s gel cleanser is my absolute favourite. I had little to no expectations when I first tried this out but after just one wash, I couldn’t believe the results. My skin seems to love this stuff and it leaves me glowing, smooth and hydrated.  Unfortunately, Avène has discontinued this cleanser but I did manage to nab a few bottles. I tend to use this product at night. 
    Vitamin E Cream: What a lifesaver! My friend suggested this product to me after I complained about having dry skin. I was a bit reluctant to break away from my normal moisturizer as most make my skin feel like its burning but luckily there was no such reaction with this product. My skin has drastically improved since I started using this but its rather thick and heavy so its best applied right before you sleep. I picked up a cheap tub from Shopper’s Drug Mart but I do believe you can pick up any Vitamin E cream from Wal Mart, Target, etc. Tip: Spritz your face with a bit of water to make applying the cream easier. 
    Triacneal by Eau Themale Avène: Great spot treatment for those pesky, under the skin pimples. I get a lot around my chin, which is mostly hormonal, but it helps speed up the healing process. I am not completely in love with this product but it serves me just fine! Although its a bit more expensive than I’d like, this little bottle goes a long way. 
    Cetaphil Moisturizer: I have a love/hate relationship with this stuff but I still have yet to come across something that I like more. Although it doesn’t provide the amount of hydration I need, I’m still happy with the results. I love using this stuff right before applying makeup. There’s no greasy layer and it absorbs into my skin almost instantly. Its a great, light cream to wear out all day and at $8.00, what more could I ask for?
    Baiden Mitten: Gosh, do I ever have a lot to say about this product! I stumbled upon this product while scrolling through my newsfeed on facebook and couldn’t help but investigate a bit more. The Baiden Mitten is advertised as thee very best exfloliant you will ever come across. You can use this product just about anywhere on the body and its safe to use on your face as well.  I read reviews about how this was an amazing, irreplaceable product but seeing the price tag made me roll my eyes. $50 for a glove that’ll probably just do what everything else has? And how can it do everything it claims to do? Everyone must be getting paid to hype it up as much as they are! As turned off by the seemingly fake reviews as I was, my curiosity had been peaked just enough to try it out. It has a 30 day money back guarantee anyhow, so what’s there to lose? It took only one use to realize what everyone has been talking about. This thing really does what it says it’ll do! My skin has never, ever felt so smooth and soft in my adult life! The first time can be a little scary as it’ll leave you red and likely tingly but I promise you, its worth it. I use this just once a week and thats more than enough! Each time I do, I feel like I’m brand new (lame, I know!) but it really does give you incredible results. I know I sound like I’ve been drinking the kool-aid but if there’s one product that you absolutely must try out, its this one. Heck, I even got my boyfriend hooked! 
    I hope this has been helpful for anyone looking for skincare advice. Remember, I have normal-combination skin and I’m a bit sensitive. I also drink a ton of water to keep as hydrated as possible!
    October 21, 2013

    Apple of My Eye

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    When I was recently asked by Collectif to review a few pieces from their line, I nearly fell out of my chair. I couldn’t jump at the chance fast enough and I had already browsed their website more times than I can count on both hands. I promptly picked out a few pieces I had been lusting over for weeks and among them was the “Liesel Gingham Circle Skirt“. This beauty has been on my dream list from the first time I laid eyes on and boy oh boy, am I ever happy the darn thing fits. It can be downright scary taking a risk on a new online store, especially one that doesn’t exactly cater to plus size ladies. I usually opt for safe options, stretch in the waist and all that but luckily found that I fit just fine in their largest size (UK22). I’m probably just pushing it and wouldn’t exactly fit in form-fitting dresses or skirts but I’m pleased to know I fit at all. As a plus size gal with a penchant for vintage, my options are very limited but I’m so very pleased Collectif hasn’t forgotten about me. It would be really nice to see their sizes extended but for now, I’m content knowing I have more options. As for this skirt, well its even better than I could have imagined!

    Picking every kind of apple and stuffing my face with cider donuts seemed the most perfect and appropriate setting to first wear out my skirt. This is the first time I’ve been in years and gosh, I had such a lovely time. I need to make this a tradition every Autumn now!

    Top: H&M
    Skirt: c/o Collectif
    Pin: Ardene
    Socks: Ardene
    Shoes: Walmart

    October 18, 2013

    Superhero chic: Vernon Kay works laid back weekend wear

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    These days you can’t head to the cinema or walk past a bus stop without coming across an advert for the next gritty superhero reboot. First it was Batman, now it’s Superman, and next summer Robocop is getting a modern makeover. Not that anyone’s complaining – whether you’re watching them on screen or mixing them into your look superheroes are downright cool, as dapper TV presenter Vernon Kay proves here. Vernon was spotted soaking up the last rays of summer in dark jeans and a t-shirt that featured a print of Marvel character Silver Surfer. He finished the look with a pair of aviator sunglasses and some blinding white trainers. This simple casual combo is one that every man should have at his disposable, whether it’s destined for the pub, a date night or just a weekend watching box sets. Get your guy looking chic even on a laid back day with these easy ways to get the look.

    Get graphic
    The most important part of this outfit is the striking superhero t-shirt, so grab an eye-catching graphic print like this Superfly printed t-shirt. This bold tee combines two pop culture icons for an edgy and modern take on the superhero tee. For those who aren’t so into their comics, take New York cool into your casuals with this fitted white tee, which features a stylish print of the Big Apple.

    Go to the dark side of denim
    A well-fitted pair of dark jeans can take a man from too casual to smart with one swift superhero-style change (although heading into a phone box to achieve this is probably not a great plan.) While baggy jeans can certainly look good, you risk taking this outfit into the realm of teenage comic book fan if the fit is too loose. These Ontario jeans come in a deep dark denim which works with shades from bright colours to neutral cream and white. They’re slouchy enough for a relaxed day look, but can also be dressed up for a smarter occasion with a shirt and sleek shoes.

    Fuss-free footwear
    Speaking of shoes you can’t get much more sleek and classic than a pair of Converse All Stars. Hi-tops have their place but a pair of white low tops like the ones Vernon’s sporting are a must if you want to keep this look relaxed and on trend. Not only is the canvas soft and comfy but it can be washed in a machine to keep these shoes looking fresh and clean. Check out this range of men’s trainers for more inspiration.

    Eye spy
    While you might think that only rock stars can pull off shades in autumn, a pair of classic aviator sunglasses are enough to get anyone feeling like a Top Gun extra.
    The superhero t-shirt might be the highlight of the outfit, but the secret to Vernon’s cool casual look lies with close-fitted clothes, those pristine white trainers and the rich dark denim, all of which make for a laid back but thought-through weekend outfit. 
    October 17, 2013
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