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September 2013

    Sweater Weather by Old Navy

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    Even though yesterday was a scorcher, cold weather is upon us. I don’t know about everyone else but I’ve been enjoying the cool days where slipping into cozy pjs pants and snuggling in bed are the only things on my agenda. I’m already planning all of my fall/winter outfits and that means the return of sweaters!
    Since the launch of Old Navy‘s plus size line, I’ve been obsessively checking for new arrivals and sales.  To my absolute delight, I came across some rather adorable cardigans and pullovers that are going to fulfill my wardrobe fantasies. I’ve never, ever had a bad thing to say about the quality of clothing from Old Navy so I do have high hopes about what to expect from there new plus size line. In fact, I was pleased to see that a lot of these options are available in store (smaller sizes, of course) if I want to get a feel of the fabric and fit. Albeit, the prices are a bit out of my budget but I’m beginning to realize that putting down some extra money for quality pieces is probably a wiser, smarter choice. With all that being said, most of the collection is so classic and basic that throwing down some extra cash seems more like a wise investment as opposed to an impulse purchase that I’ll regret later. 
    Have you had a chance to browse Old Navy‘s new plus size line yet? What are you thoughts? Have you found any dream items yet? I know I have!

    September 11, 2013

    Old Navy Plus Size Hits Canada!

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    Its here, its finally here!! Old Navy plus size has made its Canadian debut and I am so beyond excited that I can hardly contain myself. This is a dream come true for me since I’m such a loyal, longer time shopper. If there is one store that almost never disappoints, its Old Navy. I still remember when it first opened and how absolutely over the moon I was when I first discovered the endless options. Now that I’m a little older and a lot fatter, I’ve been finding it a bit hard to keep adding items to my wardrobe. After this launch though, I can see my wardrobe becoming 40% Old Navy! Old Navy is really great for basic pieces which is among the list of reasons why I love this store. However, I’ve spotted some really neat pieces that are pretty unique from anything I own. Even though its available online only, I’m still quite excited to make an order. In fact, so much so that I’ve put together these fall-inspired dream outfits.

    Use the code: ONGROWNUP at checkout for 25% off your order
    Old Navy continuing to be a part of my wardrobe is a big deal for me and now that they’re are more options for me as a plus size woman, I’m ecstatic. I cannot wait to get my hands on most (if not all) of these items! What do you think of the new launch? Are you happy with the selection? Personally, I’m quite please but also eager to see how it evolves over time. 
    September 7, 2013
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