Glasses Are a Girl’s Best Friend

About 4 years ago I started having to wear glasses full time, which back then really frightened me. I thought life as “four-eyes” would be a cruel thing. Little did I know just how much I’d enjoy using glasses as a way to play up or down an outfit. It has truly become one of my favourite ways to accessorize. With such a large, ever-growing supply of on-trend eyewear there is no stopping my obsessive collecting of glasses. Now, since school is just around the corner I’ve been thinking an awful lot about how I want to dress this semester. Eyewear is a big part of every outfit that I put together since I’m terribly blind without them but thanks to shops like SmartBuyGlasses that’s no longer an exhausting task. I can pick from endless options of designer and (my personal favourite) vintage inspired frames.  Now being a four-eyes is in style and heck, even people with perfect vision are even hopping on the bandwagon! I’ve put together three different back-to-school outfits inspired by my must have frames below. I’d like to think that they’re all a different range of casual for me but wearing heels to class might be pushing it. But hey, thats why they’re fantasy outfits!

Which pair of glasses are your personal favourite? Is eyewear a big part of your ensembles? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Andi B. Goode says:

    I like the red ones! I've only just started wearing glasses more often (though not full-time) and I got some cat-eye-esque ones with thick black frames. I only really need them at night or at the cinema, etc, at the moment.

  2. moon says:

    I am lost without my glasses but I usually own only one pair at the time – so picking the new one is always very important:D I actually own the exact Ray Ban ones^^:D But I like the YSL ones too!

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