Mad Fashion

Mad Men is wildly popular these days and unless you live under a rock, you’ve at least seen a promo photo or commercial for the smash hit. Although I don’t actually watch the show (I’ll get into it, I swear) its hard to miss the absolutely stunning wardrobe and styling. It isn’t exactly easy recreating 50s/60s fashion on a fat body like mine. Lets face it, sizing was quite different back then and nabbing those pieces I’ve fallen in love with seems impossible, right? Wrong! I’ve done some hunting over the past months for vintage inspired clothing thats “plus size” friendly so that now you can dress like your favourite TV characters! To the right is an outfit I sloppily put together for what I’d imagine to be a picnic going outfit. I can already picture myself packing up a wicker basket full of sweets, sandwiches and fruits for a day spent relaxing at one of my favourite parks. With summer nearly here, I’m so inspired and excited to put together some sickly sweet ensembles for the smouldering days. I’ve accepted that my style changes with the seasons.  To the left is one of the dresses I have been eying for months now from amazing designer, Heart My Closet. I feel a little silly admitting how many scenarios I’ve dreamt up around this piece; dining in style with my fella, watching The Nutcracker on stage, or even just a night out on the town. Day time or night, I’ve got you covered! 

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