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April 2013

    Lady in Mesh

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    Oof, its been awhile but whats new? The seasons are changing and I feel way more inspired to take care of this blog and to actually get on outfit posts. This is a promise that I’ll be (at least attempting) posting more! 
    One of the very first things I did when it started warming up outside was find a way to wear this absolutely perfect mesh bodysuit that I was sent by the lovely Shawna (of Chubby Cartwheels). I’m sure a lot of you remember my post awhile back featuring one of her velvet skirts and just how much I adored the ever loving crap out of it. I’m a huge fan of Shawna’s line and just her as a person. She’s been such an immensely important part of the fashion scene and I’m so very happy to see her label take off! As expected, the body suit was even better than I expected in person. Its so comfy, stretchy and really well made. I never expect anything less than quality from Chubby Cartwheels and I am never, ever disappointed. 
    In other really excited news, I had the pleasure of meeting some of meeting a few of my fashion blogger icons; Gabi Fresh and Marie Denee. Addition Elle was kind enough to fly them out for the launch of their flagship store in Toronto this past month and it was just a dream getting to see them in person. They’re just as sweet and even more beautiful in person! 
    Mesh Bodysuit – c/o Chubby Cartwheels
    Skirt – Penningtons
    Necklace – Aldo
    Shoes – Walmart

    April 9, 2013
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