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March 2013

    Get The Parisian Look

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    Paris is often
    nicknamed the ‘fashion capital of the world’ and if you’ve been
    to the beautiful City of Light yourself, it’s easy to see why. If,
    on the other hand, you have never been to the romantic city or
    experienced the marvellous Paris Fashion Week, there is no reason why
    you can’t get the look of a fabulously stylish Parisian using the
    best of the British high street.
    The Parisian look
    is all about class, traditional and timeless elegance, and effortless
    style. It’s easy to pull off if you follow these basic guidelines
    and look to some of France’s biggest stars for inspiration. Audrey
    Tautou, Brigitte Bardot and Marion Cotillard are such women who ooze
    sophistication and embody the very essence of Parisian chic.
    Whether you’re
    after petite or plus size clothing available in the UK,
    Parisian fashion can flatter any figure with its fitted jackets,
    smart boots and figure hugging dresses.
    To achieve the look, the clothes you wear
    are obviously vital. Smart button down shirts can be teamed with
    fitted knee length skirts for a look that is svelte and smooth.
    Striped or monochrome print dresses can
    make a desirable edition to any Parisian wardrobe and can offer a
    versatile option to those with busy schedules and those who have to
    dash between work and play. If you’re spending your days in board
    meetings and evenings wining and dining in the city, achieving that
    Champs Elysees look doesn’t have to be a challenge.
    Blazers and fitted jackets are great
    additions to the trend, and can be draped over the shoulders for a
    feminine and girly edge.
    By day, heels should be kept to a
    minimum. By night the bar can be raised, but make sure you can walk
    in your chosen pair. Nothing should stop you from getting from your
    shopping trip at the Galeries
    the Théâtre des
    in time for your
    Don’t forget to accessorize with a silk
    scarf or stylish belt to complete the look and give it a personal
    and Makeup
    The key to achieving Parisian beauty is
    to opt for a look which is minimal and somewhat barefaced. A subtle
    concealer or foundation is ideal, providing the shades match your
    skin tone perfectly.
    A sleek mascara can add even more class
    to the look, as can a hint of blush or splash of lip colour. Be wary
    of going overboard by trying a bit of everything at once. A minimal
    palette is optimum and any bright colours should complement the
    clothes you’ve chosen.
    When it comes to your hair, natural and
    seemingly effortless beauty is the secret once again. Keep your hair
    loose and tussled. Think tumbling locks rather than being restricted
    in a tight pony tail or poker straight. 
    March 18, 2013
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