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February 2013


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    I haven’t been feeling awfully creative these days so I’ve been trying to space out a lot of my old outfit posts. With school, constant cleaning and what feels like an endless winter I’ve had almost 0 motivation to really start trying something new. I don’t know about everyone else but I’m just about ready to let go of these old, gloomy days. As I write this there’s another big snowstorm outside my window!
    Back when there wasn’t snow up to my knees I could play around a bit more with my ensembles. I miss getting to wear flats and shoes that weren’t bulky boots! As I’m sure you can tell these photos are kinda old but they’re giving me hope for brighter, less wet days. Ps, I’m totally loving pairing black and white together. It seems really basic and simple but its so much fun to play up such a classic colour combination! 

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    Cardigan – Thrifted

    Dress – Queen of Holloway
    Pin – Pork
    Tights – We Love Colours
    Shoes – Walmart

    February 27, 2013

    The London Plus Size Fashion Weekend: a must-visit

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    2013 will see the very first London Plus Size Fashion Weekend take place, to much fanfare. Held from 15-16th February – in the heart of the traditional London Fashion Week – this event is an exciting alternative to the usual show, giving plus size fashion a significant, far-reaching platform.
    The organisers of the London Plus Size Fashion Weekend say they aim to “enhance, educate, empower, and support” the UK plus size fashion industry. The founder, Remi Ray, first began promoting plus size fashion through her blog, the appropriately titled Trapped in a Skinny World.
    According to Remi, she was inspired to start writing because, as a student, she struggled to have her curvier look accepted by her peers. Now, Trapped in a Skinny World is typically viewed by at least 200 readers a day, and offers fantastic insights into the plus size industry.
    The weekend promises a huge variety of events, including fashion shows, style master classes, swap shops and discussion panels. It seems that the plus size fashion industry can more than hold its own against the world of traditional fashion, and this success is only bound to increase.
    Inspiration for exciting plus size looks is easy to find: Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame, for example, is a great icon for how to make the most of being curvy. She chooses dresses and skirts that tuck in at the waist to emphasise her hourglass shape. At the premiere of Ginger and Rosa in 2012 she showed that plus size fashion doesn’t have to be dull by sporting a black sequinned midi dress that single-handedly stole all of the red carpet attention.
    For anyone who wants to explore a variety of plus size clothing, has a fantastic selection, including statement going out dresses that can help you to emulate Hendricks’ elegant (and much praised!) red carpet style. Look out for dresses with capped sleeves, lower cut necklines and, of course, the all-important nipped-in waist to make the most of your assets and really accentuate your curves.
    February 25, 2013

    Goody Two Shoes

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    Whoa, its already February and I’ve only made a few outfit posts in 2013 so far. My new year’s resolution should be spending a bit more time on this blog like I used to! I’m sitting on so many post ideas but after 2 years of running this blog, I’m getting a little less inspired to post weekly. What would everyone like to see from me/this place? I really wanna know!

    Now ok, onto the outfit portion of this post. I’m having so much fun dressing up for school! Its bringing  out of side of me that I never knew existed. Just last night I received my grade for the first big assignment this semester and I’m proud to say I pulled an A-!! Maybe channeling my inner school girl style has helped me really buckle down and thats the last thing I ever thought I’d say! School was always such a bore for me growing up but now I look forward to days that I have class. But enough about that, I’m supposed to be talking about my outfit, right? Laying the same colour has become one of my favourite things and as you can see, I really played up around with this ensemble. Now I really regret not buying this same skirt in deep blue!

    Top – Old Navy
    Skirt – Old Navy
    Pin – Etsy
    Socks – Sock Dreams
    Shoes – Wal Mart
    February 5, 2013
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