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January 2013


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    Happy New Year, everyone!! I’m know I’m 15 days late but its better late than never! I hope everyone had a really great nye and that 2013 is treating everyone well thus far. As for me, I really can’t complain! This was one of the first years that I actually had real plans for nye and I wanted to do it in style (what other way is there for a fashion blogger). My girlfriends came over and we spent most of the night getting ready, listening to oldies and drinking. I’ll admit that I was pretty tipsy when I finally got around to snapping photos! We only managed to get to our designated party stop 15 minutes to midnight but it was all worth it! This dress made me feel like a Goddess and I felt like I was doing the night justice. What did everyone else wear? 

    Dress – Torrid
    Stockings – Torrid
    January 15, 2013
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