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November 2012

    Casual Or Something

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    I don’t do casual very often. Maybe its because I’m never really drawn to casual clothing or because I always view every outing as a chance to get dressed up. All I know is that its hardly on my agenda except for those few occasions I just feel like toning it down. Since moving I’ve had a lot more opportunity to play with my wardrobe (which you’ll see in the next coming posts) and a lot more inspiration in general. Something like a basic, boring trip to Wal Mart became a chance to see if I could pull off casual in a way that still made me feel like I was being creative enough with what I have laying around. It might sound silly to say but I really like to match what I’m doing and where I’m going. Its just fun to dress the part, even if its everyday errands.

    What I’m wearing doesn’t quite fall under the category of flattering by any means. Its pretty obvious that I have some belly toe(?), amongst other things people would probably disagree with. But the most important thing about this look is that I felt cute.. like really, really cute and I couldn’t wait to leave my apartment. Fashion is such a great way to experience, get creative and its such a self esteem boost. Wear what’cha wanna and feel great about what you’ve put together! We deserve it, after all!
    Top – Torrid
    Cardigan – Gift
    Shorts – New Look
    Tights – We Love Colours
    Boots – Wal Mart
    Earrings – Aldo
    November 26, 2012

    Finding Tops For Large-Breasted Women: Top Tips

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    Disclaimer: The article below is not written by me. I ,in no way shape or form, condone or believe in the idea of “flattering” but I understand and respect that a lot of my readers do. I’ve published it for those who have requested I post flattering tips. 

    If you are well-endowed in the chest
    department you may be the envy of every woman and the lust of every
    man but finding a top that actually fits can be challenging to say
    the least! Fortunately, there are certain styles of tops available
    that are both flattering and comfortable; the trick is knowing which
    ones are right for you.
    Versatile V-Necks
    Ladies tops come in a horde of styles
    and sizes but one which is particularly flattering to those who are a
    C cup or above is the V-neck. As a V-neck does not plunge too deeply
    into the chest area, these tops draw a healthy balance of attention
    to a woman’s bust and don’t run the risk of making large breasted
    women look frighteningly similar to Dolly Parton! From funky v-neck
    short sleeved ‘biking’ tops to practical long sleeve thermals,
    V-necks come in many different styles to cater for a wide range of
    purposes and occasions.
    Button Up
    If you’re trying to reduce the
    appearance of your chest, then stay well clear of blouses with
    buttons. ‘Girly’ blouses with buttons will make your breasts
    appear larger and draw attention to this area, making them
    unflattering to large-chested women.
    Rule the Empire
    Not everyone with big breasts wants to
    hide them away but for these individuals, finding a top which
    accentuates their assets without looking too provocative can be a
    very thin line to walk.
    Empire waist tops that hug the body
    just below the breasts and then flair out were simply made for busty
    women. Not only do these highly fashionable ladies tops look stylish and sexy but they can also hide a
    multitude of sins when it comes to the rest of your body. Larger
    breasted women with bigger stomachs will find the style skates across
    their tummy, giving them a slimmer and flatter appearance. This helps
    to give them a proportioned look which is pleasing to the eye.
    Layer It
    With the winter rapidly approaching,
    the prospect of wearing layers is an enticing one. Women with large
    breasts can benefit by layering the tops they wear; for example a
    camisole with a built-in bra underneath a jumper or jacket can be a
    great, modern style for the bustier among us.
    Be Supportive
    It probably goes without saying, but
    wearing a suitable bra is essential for those with larger breasts.
    Not only do bras give you the support you need and make you more
    comfortable but they also help keep large breasts in place and
    prevent them looking larger than they are.

    November 15, 2012

    Pumpkin Picking Adventure

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    I love October!! Fall weather, the scents, HALLOWEEN! Its amazing and I can’t believe I only realized its full potential at 25 years old!! I’m so sad to see the month come and go but I’ll never forget the amazing things I was able to experience this year. Pumpkin picking is my new favourite tradition!!! I went with a friend and we froze our butts off all in the name of Halloween/fall festivities. We took a trip around the barn on the wagon ride, ate delicious grilled cheese, stocked up on pie and of course, picked some pumpkins!!

    I’m definitely the type to put a lot of thought into dressing up for specific occasions and this was on of those special moments. I just really, really needed to feel like I matched the environment and I think I did a pretty decent job! Natural, fall like colours aren’t exactly something I collect in my wardrobe but I thrifted the most perfect long skirt and I’m so (oddly) in love with it!! Its actually inspired me to build a larger collection of long skirts in my wardrobe!! I guess I’m changing and evolving my style again but thats the fun thing about fashion. There’s so much to explore and do so why limit yourself to just one style? Have fun and take risks!! 
    Coat – Walmart
    Top – Forever21+
    Cardigan – Big, Fat Toronto Swap
    Skirt – Thrifted
    Tights – We Love Colours
    Shoes – Forever21
    Bag – Etsy
    ALSO I’m nominated for the Curvy Blog Awards (run by Navabi)!! The winner gets an all expense paid trip to London Fashion Week and I would absolutely love to win!! If I won I’d experience a few of my biggest dreams, honestly. I’ve always wanted to go to fashion week and London has been a dream destination of mine since I was a little girl!! So please do take a moment to vote for me – #15!!
    November 8, 2012
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